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Should You Consider Getting Braces?

    The majority of people who get braces are kids, with only 25% of braces being used for adults. 

    The best braces can help you address a range of concerns with regards to promoting your dental hygiene and physical appearance. Make sure that you are getting them from the top and most reputed dentists near your location. 

    If you weren’t fortunate enough to get braces as a teenager, you might be thinking about getting braces now. Should you, though? 

    If you wish you had straighter teeth, braces are the solution. But you might still wonder if you should consider them. Here is a guide to help you decide. 

    Types of Braces You Can Get

    You can get various types of braces to have straighter teeth. However, most orthodontists offer two main types:

    Traditional Braces

    The first option is traditional braces, which is the most common type of corrective braces.

    When you wear traditional braces, your teeth contain brackets and wires. The wires place pressure on your teeth, causing them to shift. After you wear them for a year or two, the braces will leave you with straight teeth. 


    The second option is Invisalign, which is more commonly used for adults than kids. Invisalign also straightens your teeth, but it does so with different materials.

    You wear clear aligners each day that place pressure on your teeth. The pressure is enough to shift your teeth into the proper positions and alignment. 

    Adults often prefer Invisalign because it’s less obvious than traditional braces.

    It’s also important to know that the aligners you wear with Invisalign are removable. As a result, this option is not always the best one for teens, as they might not be responsible enough to wear them all the time. 

    Talk to your orthodontist to determine which type is right for your teeth, and visit to learn what you’ll need to do to care for your braces.

    You can also compare the options, as both might be equally right for your situation. 

    Reasons for Getting Braces

    When adults wonder about braces, it is often because they feel self-conscious about the way their teeth look. Many adults also seek consultations with orthodontists due to problems they’re experiencing.

    Here are some of the top reasons adults choose braces:

    Crooked Teeth

    When you look at your smile, do you see crooked teeth? Some people might have only one or two crooked teeth, while others might have mostly crooked teeth. You can fix this problem by wearing braces. 

    Overcrowded Teeth

    If your mouth has too many teeth, it might be overcrowded. Overcrowding of the teeth leads to oral health problems, and it can make your teeth look bad. 

    When you have overcrowded teeth, you might need to have a few teeth extracted before wearing braces. Braces will straighten and align the teeth, but you might need to have teeth removed to make room in your mouth.

    Problems Flossing

    Some people consider braces when they experience difficulties flossing their teeth. When you floss, do you have areas in your mouth that are hard to floss?

    If so, it might be from the alignment of your teeth. Straightening your teeth can alleviate this issue. 

    Teeth Rubbing Together

    You might also consider getting braces if you have teeth that rub together. When you close your jaw, do the upper and lower teeth rub abnormally? If so, braces can solve this problem. 

    Difficulty Eating or Speaking

    Eating and speaking are two normal activities that people do daily. You can have trouble with these activities, though, if your teeth are not aligned properly. 

    Jaw Issues 

    In some cases, people get adult braces to correct jaw problems they experience. Does your jaw ache each time you eat? Does it pop or hurt when you open your mouth or chew food?

    Jaw problems can hurt a lot, and they can cause pain in your face, head, and neck. Wearing braces is a great way to correct these types of problems. 

    The Benefits of Getting Braces

    Now that you understand the types of braces you can get and the reasons to consider them, you might wonder about the benefits. Here are some of the top ones:

    Improved Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

    When you finish your orthodontic treatment, you’ll look in the mirror and love what you see. Your teeth will look straight and great, and you’ll have a smile that you’re proud to show. 

    As a result, you’ll experience an improvement in your self-esteem and self-confidence. 

    Healthier Teeth and Gums

    Next, braces offer a way to have healthier teeth and gums. When you have properly aligned teeth, you’ll be able to clean them more thoroughly. You’ll also have a lower risk of developing decay on them. 

    The result of this is an improvement to your oral health. If you want a healthier mouth, braces might be the best option.

    Improved Speech

    If you’ve struggled with speaking due to the alignment of your teeth, braces might help a lot. When you have properly positioned teeth, your will likely notice an improvement in your speech if this was an issue before braces.

    Decreased Problems With Eating

    Some people get braces because of the troubles they have with chewing. When you have straighter teeth, you’ll probably be able to chew food easier and more thoroughly. 

    No More Grinding 

    When your teeth are misaligned, it can lead to grinding your teeth. Grinding harms your jaw and teeth, but you can solve this issue with braces. 

    Reduced Risk of Teeth Breaking 

    Finally, when you straighten your teeth, you can reduce the risks of breaking and chipping them. Braces force your teeth into proper alignment, which reduces the unnecessary friction caused by misaligned teeth. 

    Talk to an Orthodontist to Learn More 

    Getting braces is a big deal that can change your life. If you long for straighter teeth that you can feel proud of, you might want to consider braces. If you have missing teeth though, your dentist may suggest getting dental implants in white plains first to get the full effect of braces.

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