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    Whenever anybody talks about a beautiful woman and her features, a lot of characteristics jump out in your mind. You might think about a head full of luscious dark hair or big brown eyes. You might also think about the perfect lips and the jawline. One of the characteristics that always mentioned whenever we talk about a woman’s face is the nose. It is an essential feature in every man or woman’s mind. It also said that if a woman has a straight and sharp nose, she can get away with any kind of makeup, while women with other types of noses cannot.

    That is the reason why you will see a lot of women nowadays who are not completely satisfied with their noses and want to change that. Thanks to technology, there are now a lot of safe and risk-free options that women can go for like rhinoplasty. No matter what type of nose you have, you can always get it altered and shaped just like you’ve always wanted.

    There are other types of noses as well, but these are the ones that you will encounter the most. A lot of women need these kinds of noses and can quickly get theirs touched up when they go for the best mini facelift Sydney has ever seen.



    Don’t worry. Surgery is not the only possibility for your nose. There are some exercises as well that you can do to change the shape of your nose. Here we have listed down six of those exercises that you can perform anywhere you want; your office, home, or any other location.


    As your body gets older, it goes through a lot of changes. The same is true for your face. One thing that happens is that the cartilage in your nose degenerates, and that affects the shape of your nose. But if you keep doing this exercise regularly, you can help decrease the rate at which your cartilage is worsening. You have to take care of is to put your index finger at the tip of your nose and then gently but firmly push it down. You can do this any time of the day, as many times as you want.



    One of the things that allow you to look friendly and warm is your smile. You should consider it as a gift of nature. No matter how hard your situation is, a smile can turn it around. Did you know that a smile has more benefits than that? Yup! A smile can help with your nose as well. Smiling is one of the best workouts that you can do to keep your nose straight. Just smile, and while you are doing it, push your nose up. It will strengthen the muscles on either side of the nose. Do it as much as you can. Let’s face it, and no one will stop you from smiling.



    This one can help you out if you are not at all satisfied with your nose. Not only can you change the shape of your nose, but you can also turn it into a different type of nose if you do it long enough. Take your index finger and put it at the bottom sides of your nose. Now press it down, and while you are doing it, flare your nostrils. If you don’t want a nose that sags, this is the exercise for you.



    The name says it all. This exercise is not much about the shape of your nose; it is about the muscles of your nose. Just wiggle your nose as hard as you can. Just make sure that only your nose is moving, and the other parts of your face are still.



    Just like smiling, breathing can also help you with the shape of your nose. Just block one nostril at a time and then inhale deeply with the other one. Make sure that you inhale as quickly as you can. Now block the other nostril and breath out from the one that you had blocked previously. Repeat it for either nostril multiple times.



    The more time passes, the more lines you get around your nose. These usually called smile lines. Sometimes they look nice, but sometimes they don’t. If you are not satisfied with the smile lines around your nose, just fill your mouth with air and move it around as if you have water in your mouth. Do this for at least five seconds and then let it out.



    Changing the profile of your nose is a difficult task. Of course, you can go for rhinoplasty. But now you also have an alternate option. Just do these exercises daily, and you can transform your nose without any cost.