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Skin Cyst: Treatment and How to Cope

    Skin cysts are those little painless bumps under your skin. Mostly they are found in different parts of the body and under the hair follicles. They can arise due to many factors and sometimes for no reason. The cysts are more common in men than in women. Services like lipoma & cyst removal in Chevy Chase help you get rid of the skin cyst.

    Most of the time, you don’t need treatment for these little bumps. Usually, they are painless and you have absolutely nothing to worry about unless they develop sores or get infected.

    If you have a skin cyst that is bothering you or causing your embarrassment, then you should consult your doctor or let them know about the skin condition. The specialist will check for signs of serious problems and offer you remedies and advice on what to do next. 

    Treatment for Skin Cysts

    You can use a warm, moist cloth in that area to drain and heal the skin. However, it will come back and the fluid coming out may smell awful. Sometimes the cysts disappear on their own. What if it doesn’t? Contact your doctor for help with cyst removal. The options your specialist will give include;

    • Draining the skin cyst which involves cutting it and pushing the gunk out. It’s possible that the cyst can return even after this treatment.
    • Injecting medicine into it to reduce swelling in case it’s swollen, growing, or tender. 
    • Removing the skin cyst through minor surgery to remove the entire cyst wall. This ensures that the skin cyst doesn’t recur.
    • Laser cyst removal treatment.

    Steps in Cyst Removal

    Cyst removal is a fast and painless process. It involves the following steps;

    • Numbing – the doctor uses lidocaine injections to numb the affected area.
    • Removal – the doctor removes the sac that contains the fluid and fatty tissue using a sharp tool.
    • Stitches – you get stitches on both the outside and inside to ensure you have a smooth and only a small scar left.

    The procedure is mostly done in a clinic or medical facility where there are appropriate cyst removal tools. If your cyst is left unremoved or untreated, it grows and ruptures which can cause you extreme pain.

    Your skin continues to produce cells and to refill the pockets which means as long as there are pockets, the cyst will always come back. The lasting remedy is to remove the pockets which only the doctors know how to do effectively. 

    Go to a lipoma and cyst removal specialist for effective results. Contact one near you for consultations and to learn the best remedies that will prevent a recurrence after the cyst removal is complete. 

    How to Cope with the Skin Cyst

    As tempting as it is to pop the cyst and drain it yourself, you can get an infection that will make the cyst come back later. Therefore, keeping the skin clean by washing with warm water and soap is important. Try to bathe with water or use warm bathwater on the affected part of your skin for 20 – 30 minutes at least 4 times a day. This helps soothe the skin region and speed up the healing process. 

    Wrap the section in a bandage after it has been drained. If the draining doesn’t stop, consult your doctor for further assistance.