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Skin Lightening Injections – What You Need To Know

    Light skin has always been a sign of great beauty. You find it appreciated in almost every culture. There are songs, poetry, even books that regard beauty in with fair skin. People, in general, are willing to try any and everything to lighten their skin tone. This includes home remedies, natural skin lightening creams, which by the way, are the safest in comparison to full-fledged cosmetic procedures. One such cosmetic procedure is the skin lightening injection treatment that is gaining much popularity these days.

    This procedure utilizes glutathione. It is an active skin whitening agent that inhibits the synthesis of enzyme tyrosinase which produces melanin. The more melanin produced inside the body, the darker your skin becomes. Glutathione is a substance that our body makes and uses every day. It is a powerful antioxidant that rid us of toxins. It is also available in the form of supplements which you can take orally.

    Glutathione injection is administrated intravenously. A dose of 1500 to 4000 mg of glutathione, usually in combination with Vitamin C, is injected into the body once or twice a week. The recommended number of sessions lies between 10 to 30. The cost of each session varies from place to place. It is advised to have this treatment conducted by a certified doctor or cosmologist. You can also have it done at spas too.

    Skin lightening injections certainly bring out the desired effect. The IV administration ensures even distribution of glutathione in the body. It starts acting on the damaged de-oxidative cells and effectively stops melanin production. It results in a lighter and fairer skin that people desire. Also note that once the desired skin tone is achieved, you have to come back for regularly for maintenance. As mentioned earlier, our bodies produce and uses glutathione every day. So as the levels drop the effects will also fade. 

    Although skin lightening injection is generally considered safe and healthy, they do have some side effects. The most common side effect of this procedure is abdominal pain. People with asthma can get attacks due to chest tightness effect of this procedure. There have also been cases of kidney dysfunction and failure reported. People who have sensitive skin might experience itching, rashes, burning or swelling on the skin. Synthetic glutathione also carries a risk of skin cancer as melanin protects us from the harsh effects of the sun and these injections lower melanin levels.

    Some precautions are also necessary when administering these skin lightening injections. Like any other medical needles, glutathione injections can also cause needle stick injuries. You should also be careful of embolus. It is a fatal condition that can occur when an air bubble enters the bloodstream. It is also important to use hygienic equipment every time and for every other person. Using non-sterile instruments or using the same needle for multiple persons can cause a spread of infections and well as serious diseases like AIDS and hepatitis.