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Small changes to take control back

    Depression is a very real and scary mental health ailment that can distort our reality and steer our lives towards a negative trajectory. It can undermine every single cause of happiness and joy in our lives, focusing on the negativities and aggravating our trauma with each passing day. As we struggle and wallow inside, we find ourselves unable to explain the reasons for our sadness. 

    The reasons behind depression are often connected to the chemical matter or physiological wellbeing of the body. A reduction in our feel-good neurotransmitters, such as serotonin or dopamine, can expose us to depression symptoms. A repressed trauma or unforgettable memory can make us emotionally vulnerable and fearful. 

    Whatever the reason behind the disease, depression robs us of our power, our self-confidence and self-esteem. So, the very first step towards improvement and enhancement is to start taking your power back. You need to regain your control and focus on maintaining it. But how?

    Let’s find out, shall we?


    Fix your Diet 

    You must be wondering, what does control over my life have to do with my diet? It has everything to do with your diet, because the healthy and nutritious foods promote mental clarity and focus, which are crucial to win back your control. 

    If you’re consuming too many unhealthy carbs, fast foods, processed and packaged foods and sugary items, you are riddling your body and brain with inflammation. On the other hand, foods that are rich in antioxidants, minerals, protein and omega-3 fatty acids will uplift your mood, enhance mental clarity and concentration, and make you more alert and energetic.

    If you are on a treatment for depression and normally buy Xanax 2mg, adding nutrient-rich foods to your diet will make a world of difference. So, the goal is to reduce your consumption of unhealthy foods and eat more nutrients. You can start by adding fresh fruits, leafy green vegies, eggs, dairy products, lean meat, fatty fish and nuts to your daily diet. 


    Take control of your Body

    The next most important step is to win back control over your body, and to do that you must challenge your body. Have you noticed how depression tends to make you lethargic, perpetually exhausted and unwilling to move? You constantly find yourself sitting in the same place, in the same position. You have no urge to move around, go out or indulge in an activity. 

    Now that is exactly the pattern you need to break by challenging your body and urging yourself to indulge in activities. You can take up an exciting sport, such as basketball, tennis or swimming, or you can join a new activity, such as dance, yoga or even martial arts. If you enjoy long walks, take yourself out to the beach or a hiking trail first thing in the morning. 

    Make small and realistic milestones and start working on achieving them. You will start feeling more positive and more in control of yourself. 


    Indulge Yourself 

    The symptoms of depression can be overwhelming, and the treatments can often be mind-numbing. It is important to indulge yourself in life and life’s many passions, even if you have no desire for excitement or adventure. Do not allow yourself to become a ghost by locking yourself at home and shunning all outdoor activities. 

    Indulge yourself in the pleasures that bring you joy and excitement. Go out for pampering sessions at the spa, get a new haircut, book a trip for you and your girls. Start planting that herb garden you always wanted, and order some canvas boards and acrylic paints for a fun day of abstract art. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you indulge yourself to a day of fun and pleasure. 



    Visualization is the art of visualizing your reality and focusing on that reality to motivate and encourage yourself towards positivity. Depression has the ability to distort our realities and dismantle our world. It deprives us of all joy and happiness. Visualization will help you stay attuned to reality, and focus on your goals. 

    It will help you channel mindful energy and flush out all the negativity and sadness. You need to visualize yourself as a healthy, happy and content individual and allow the negative energies to dissipate from your mind and body. 

    Restful Sleep 

    Your sleep quality has a powerful effect on your mood, and if you’re struggling with depression, restful sleep is a vital prerequisite for an effective treatment. If you have struggle falling asleep or have insomnia, you can buy Xanax online after consulting your doctor. You can also enjoy natural sedatives, such as chamomile tea, valerian tea, passionflower tea or even milk. 


    The fight against depression can be a long and hard battle, but once you manage to win your power and control back, you can channel positivity and energy back into your life. Stay focused, and be sure to enlist the support of your loved ones and friends.