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Smart Tips for Supplementing for an Enhanced Workout

    Physical inactivity is considered one of the principal risk factor for pre-mature death across the globe. The fact is evident from various research studies highlighting that more number of young adults are suffering from non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, cancer, and diabetes from insufficient physical activity. According to the World Health Organization, around one in four adults and over 80% of global adolescents are insufficient in physical activity.

    Daily workout and exercise activates AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase), which is an enzyme that regulates energy metabolism in our body linked to longevity. The daily routine of any bodybuilder has two phases, burning the extra fat and adding mass (bulkiness) to muscles. While burning the excess fat in our body is done through everyday workouts at gym or home, building the muscle is an uphill task. Though your daily diet provides the needed calorific value and helps you to maintain good health, one requires additional food supplements for bulking the muscle mass.

    From ancient times

    Workout enhancement supplements are not new to the world, people from ancient Greece to modern day high-profile bodybuilders have advocated the significant impact of pre-workout supplements in developing your body. Men in ancient Greece used to consume high-carb diets such as wheat products, meat, and wine, as well as various herbal tonics to increase muscle mass and stamina. Considered as the first widely known bodybuilder, Eugen Sandow also stressed the use and importance of additional dietary products for improving muscle power.

    Bodybuilding supplements

    The whole global fitness market is flooded with innumerable workout and bodybuilding supplements. People often have a pretext that consuming the supplements on daily basis without any workout would eventually help the body to gain muscle. Bodybuilding is hard work, coupled with dedication and patience, and one would be to find the outcome only after months of daily workout and proper diet intake. Milo of Croton, the legendary wrestler from ancient Greece, won five successive wrestling Olympic competitions. Legend has it that he only consumed meat, bread, and wine for every single day and carried a newborn calf on his shoulders till it has grown into a bull.

    Protein Powders

    The powers add required dietary protein to your body and helps you meet the minimum daily requirement of protein intake. They primarily are available in three types; whey, casein, and soy proteins. Whey, available in multiple flavours, is a water-soluble protein that builds muscle mass and burns excess fat in our body. Soy is a high-quality vegetarian protein, having high protein-per-weight concentrations. Cassein, which is a milk-based protein primarily taken before sleep, during which your maximum muscle growth takes place.


    Though naturally produced in our body, Creatine is the most widely used muscle volumizer. It helps muscles to retain water, thereby increasing your stamina and energy levels. Moreover, Creatine improves lean muscle mass, muscle strength, blood flow during workout, and decreases muscle fatigue.  


    Stimulants such as Caffeine helps your body to decrease appetite, burn fats, and improve energy levels. The market has multiple variants of Caffeine-based sports teas and drinks combines with other bodybuilding supplements. The products typically reduce fat by suppressing our appetite, increasing body temperature and sweat, and controlling our endocrine system.


    A non-essential and naturally occurring amino acid that maintains blood pH levels during workouts and trainings. Beta-alanine supplements helps in improving muscular performance, muscle mass, hard workout endurance, power production while decreasing muscle and overall body fatigue.

    Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

    Out of the 20 different amino acids, present in our body, the BCAA are a specific group of three amino acids, leucine, valine, and isoleucine, helps in synthesis and metabolism of proteins.

    Jym supplements science products provide different types of workout and bodybuilding nutrient products related to fat burners, fast digesting carbs, fish oils, multivitamin and mineral products, protein powders, and testosterone boosters.

    How much physical activity you need?

    WHO recommends different lengths of daily physical activity required based on your age.

    Children and adolescents need daily sixty minutes of moderate physical workout or exercise, with activities for strengthening bones and muscles.  

    For young individuals and adults up to the age of 64 years, a daily 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous workout is recommended

    For older people, 65 years and above, 150 minutes of exercise with main focus on joints and body flexible body movements.

    Daily workouts and bodybuilding not only helps to maintain a healthy body but also a healthy and peaceful mind.