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Smile Revitalizing Procedures You Should Try Out

    Teeth often make the center of most epic smiles; the truth is that you will smile better when you have sparkling white teeth. For many people, smiling improves their confidence and their relationships with those close to them. However, to address issues with your imperfect smile, you will need a dentist to check on crooked, cracked or dull-looking teeth. A San Ramon smile makeover can help bring back the sparkle in your smile.

    Should you have a smile makeover?

    Dentistry has come a long way, and currently, cosmetic dentistry procedures will help reignite your oral appearance both inside and outwards. Smile makeovers not only make you pretty but also reduce the chances of losing your teeth. Additionally, with smile redefinition procedures, you will talk and eat better. San Ramon Dental Excellence recommends procedures such as:

    •         Teeth whitening

    Stains and discoloration appear on your teeth gradually as you age. San Ramon Dental Excellence’s teeth whitening procedure will address these with the various options available to you. Procedures that you will likely encounter include take-home whitening procedures and in-office whitening procedures. One point to note is that the whitening procedure will need another follow up after several weeks.

    •         Veneers

     Veneers are shells usually made of composite resins that help restore balance in your mouth. The tailor-made elements will correct misshapen teeth, broken teeth, and any gaps between your teeth. Additionally, your dentist can also offer a procedure that corrects your smaller teeth that frustrates the chewing process. You will need at least two veneers to achieve effective results. However, in most cases, people do up to eight veneers for an asymmetric and balanced smile.

    •         Dental crowns

    You probably have sugar making part of your everyday diet. Sugar is responsible for decaying teeth. However, with a crown procedure, you will prevent your teeth from slowly rotting away. Crowns cover the entire teeth immediately above the gums. The restoration procedures offered by the crowns will, in a few weeks or more, restore the original outlook and size of your teeth.

    •         Invisalign®

    This is a type of treatment concerned with aligning your teeth. Your dentist will offer it when you report a misalignment in your mouth. Braces offer the same services as Invisalign, but you will get better results with the latter.

    •         Dental implants

    A destroyed tooth will need a replacement. Dental implants work to achieve that. In most cases, your dentist will use titanium-based support systems to hold the implants in place. All-on-4® is the regarded type of implant offered by San Ramon Dental Excellence for that redefinition in your mouth.

    What benefits do you get from a smile makeover?

    As the name suggests, a smile makeover will give you more reasons to smile, especially when San Ramon Dental Excellence offers the services. The center offers consultation services with a complete analysis of your teeth to suggest the best procedures for you. Additionally, you will receive advanced procedures such as X-rays for better placement of any dental material.

    Rejuvenate your smile at San Ramon Dental Excellence and let others marvel at the brilliance of your oral looks.