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Smile with a Difference

    Oral health issues affect many individuals throughout the world today, including cavities and gum diseases. Not only do they affect your health but also your smile, which may lower your self-confidence affecting your life negatively. However, with the right oral hygiene habits, regular dental check-ups, and the right treatments, you can restore your dental health and smile in no time. Orange Coast Dental Specialty provides comprehensive dental care solutions to help improve your dental health. The practice offers quality and effective diagnosis and treatments for dental health issues, including oral surgery in Huntington Beach, CA.

    Under the leadership of Arman Dayan, DDS leads the team at Orange Coast Dental Specialty to successfully offer advanced, compassionate, and patient-centered dental care to patients of all ages. Located in Huntington Beach, California, the facility has excelled in leading prosthodontics and dental practice in the Los Angeles area.  They spend more time with their patients, listening to their needs attentively. They understand that every patient is different; hence, they design and provide various customized treatments to meet all their unique needs, including cosmetic, implants, orthodontic, and oral rehabilitation treatments. They use the latest and advanced technology to offer practical and quality treatment plans, such as CEREC 3D technology, that enhance them to provide metal-free porcelain crowns and veneer procedures quickly.

    The highly trained and board-certified team understands the impact an imperfect smile can have on your life; hence, their main goal is to meet and exceed their patient’s needs and expectations by giving them the best smile of their life. They provide extensive cosmetic dental procedures, including BOTOX treatments, TMJ therapy, smile rejuvenation, full mouth reconstruction, implant restoration, bridges, crowns, dentures, and clear correct services to improve and restore your smile. They are caring and friendly to all their patients and treat them as part of their family. Their offices are modern, giving patients a comfortable experience during their treatments.

    They offer services such as:

    Smile makeover

    The team at Orange Coast Dental Specialty understands the importance of a good smile in improving your confidence and self-esteem. Hence, they offer wide smile makeover procedures to help you smile brighter and healthier. Visit them today for a smile makeover experience with a difference.

    Laser dentistry

    The qualified and board-certified dentist, Dr. Arman, offers laser dentistry procedures for faster and painless dental treatment procedures to help you achieve your dental health. Call them today or book online for a consultation.

    If you have dental health issues that limit you from having your best smile, Orange Coast Dental Specialty has got your solutions. The team of highly trained and experienced dentist specialists is committed to offering comprehensive and compassionate dental care to help people live happier and healthier. They use advanced and the latest technology to provide customized dental treatments that meet all their patients’ needs. At the clinic, you will get cosmetic dentistry services, implants, dentures, orthodontics, full mouth rehabilitation, and restorative dentistry. A notable thing is that they put their patients’ needs as their top priority to help them get better and beautiful smiles. Additionally, they welcome new and existing patients. Visit them today at  Huntington Beach, California, for services that won’t disappoint.