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Soccer Game Catering Made Easy

    Whether you’re hosting a World Cup viewing party or simply in charge of post-game snacks, soccer game catering is easier with pizza. Here are five reasons why you should consider ordering a stack of pies for your next soccer event.

    1. It Works With a Variety of Diets

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a vegetarian, a Ron Swanson-caliber meat lover, lactose-intolerant, or perpetually on the hunt for the best gluten free pizza crust: Whatever you like to eat (or to avoid), there’s a pizza for you. When you’re trying to feed a large group of people and accommodate an array of dietary restrictions, finding such an easy-to-customize food is a minor miracle.

    Because it’s so customizable, pizza can please a wide variety of taste buds, too. With an assortment of sizes, types of crust, and toppings available to mix and match, you can create a menu that’s tailor-made to your players’ preferences — even that one kid who likes artichoke hearts and anchovies, and only artichoke hearts and anchovies, on his pizza.

    1. It’s Easier on Your Wallet

    Cost is a big concern when it comes to feeding a herd of hungry soccer fans. It’s an arguably bigger concern if you’re feeding a squad of starving athletes. Ordering pizza is one of the least expensive ways to fuel a large crowd. Making smart use of coupons or the cheapest pizza specials online can easily, and significantly, reduce your catering costs without forcing you to sacrifice quality. Pizza’s affordable price tag also means you won’t have to ask your diners to limit their appetites or risk running out of grub.

    1. It’s Portable

    The last thing you want to eat on the sidelines or while tailgating is a complicated, messy dish that requires utensils. Pizza is a no-muss, no-fuss option. You don’t need utensils. You don’t need plates. You can easily eat a slice on the go, too.

    It’s also something you don’t have to haul to the field in the back of your car. Pizzerias that offer delivery are plentiful, and they can bring your order right to you, wherever that may be.

    1. It’s Quick

    Timing is everything when you’re catering a soccer game. Ordering pizza lets you schedule your food’s delivery, practically to the minute, so that it’s ready when your players, coaches, and other guests are.

    Many pizzerias also utilize apps to simplify the ordering process. Some even offer a “track pizza order” option that lets you know exactly where your pizzas are in real time.

    1. It’s Virtually Impossible To Mess Up

    There’s almost no such thing as bad pizza. Sure, some pizza is better than others — see the artichoke hearts and anchovies above — but even the worst pizza is better than most other foods. Providing a meal or snack for a large group of people isn’t the time to try out that new recipe. It’s the time to go with the quick, reliable option that’s practically guaranteed to please.

    Catering a soccer game may seem like a Herculean task, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep things simple, and let your favorite pizzeria bring a buffet of hot, delicious pizzas to you wherever you are.