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Software As A Service (Saas) For Addiction And Mental Health Treatment

    Unfortunately, mental health is a prevalent condition in the society we live in today. It affects many people around the world, and these diseases can’t be cured.

    According to WHO, about 450 million people are presently suffering from all sorts of mental health conditions. Similarly, if substance abuse addictions are left untreated, they can become quite fatal and lead you to develop life-threatening conditions.

    In the United States, about 19.7 million adults suffered from a substance above disorder, according to a survey conducted in 2017.

    That said, these statistics make it easy to understand why you need to keep track of your mental health and substance addictions. Fortunately, many SaaS companies help you achieve this, and here are three of the best ones.

    Zencharts is Essential

    If you ask anyone that has successfully sought help for their mental health disorder on the service they used, most of them would mention Zencharts. Since Zencharts has been in existence, it has provided top-notch services for those in need of drug rehabilitation and mental stability.

    Its creators understand the needs and wants of their patients and relate with them accordingly. Founded by Dan Callahan, his team consists of veteran health professionals with a lot of experience under their belt. 

    The best part about their service is that they don’t have any hidden fees after registration, nor do they conduct any other shady business.

    Foothold Technology Is An Option

    Foothold technology has been around for quite a while now. It is a SaaS company that provides mental health and drug rehabilitation services at affordable rates. 

    Their professionalism level is superb, and their expertise allowed them to deliver a software tool that can cater to your needs. It provides a quality service that connects patients with outpatient and inpatient clinics and community-based programs.

    Its application is designed in a simple way, which means anyone will understand and navigate through their app in seconds.

    Medez Has Experience

    Similar to both SaaS companies mentioned above, it is a mental health company that has employees committed to what they do. Founded in 1996, it has long been praised as a quality mental health service provider for public and private facilities.

    They treat all their clients like family and provide post-treatment plans for those who need them. Sadly, many companies claim to provide services or medication that will completely eradicate any drug addictions or mental health conditions. If you choose to patronize these vices, you’ll only waste your time, efforts, and capital.

    Hence, Medez understands that Mental health conditions and drug addictions aren’t easily curable, but one can find ways to cope in a healthier way.

    Choosing to ignore a drug addiction can provide you with multiple health complications, leading you to develop life-threatening conditions. Similarly, mental health disorders can make you a hazard to yourself and the people around you.

    Fortunately, the three Saas companies mentioned above would help you manage these disorders, allowing you to live a relatively normal life.