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Some Noteworthy Points of FUT Hair Transplants

    One might have questions regarding the significance of the practiced technique in the procedure. The FUT and FUE are the two techniques are applied in the hair restoration procedure. The hair transplant in Jaipur has relevance in the restoration fraternity due to the expert surgeons and medical professional availability, recognized clinic establishment as well as the affordable cost of the surgery charged by the centres.

    Hair transplant cost in Jaipur is lesser as compared to the cost applicable in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, or Bangalore.

    Why is it Important to Perform the FUT Technique:

    1.   The stripping out procedure makes it easier to get enough amount of Grafts:

    The stripping out of the process to extract the hair follicles makes it possible to cover the bigger Norwood grade of baldness with a feasible density. Even though, it involves the incision and suture gives the painless and scar less results of the hair transplant surgery.

    1.   One can achieve a greater density:

    Achieving the greater density is only possible with the strip method as it allows the extraction of a number of grafts in a single session. The greater density means per square centimetre of the recipient areas get fully covered with grafts that number may come anywhere from 50-70 hair follicles or grafts. Thus, it gets possible to having dense-packed results with hair transplant surgery.

    1.   The Sustainable Hair Follicles remain forever:

    Yes, it is all true to receive the permanent hair follicles that remain forever on the scalp despite getting transfer the root’s location. It is a well-known fact that choosing the strip method of the surgery is based on the graft extraction only from the DHT-resistant areas, i.e., the rear sides of the head give the permanent results. However, it is all sure and confirmed by receiving the permanent grafts that satisfy one’s need and expectation with the cosmetic hair restoration.

    1.   Bigger Grade of baldness has only solved with the FUT method:

    Yes, the bigger grade of baldness has only one option to treat the issue with the FUT that allows the extraction of a desired number of grafts if a patient possesses a stable and healthy donor area. The grade of baldness defines the status in terms of the needed number of grafts that ultimately defines the technique needed to perform the task and the answer is always with the hair transplant procedure. The FUT technique helps is achieving the response against the bigger Norwood grade of baldness in a most satisfactory manner.

    1.   It stabilizes the Hair Restoration Session:

    The hair transplant surgery performed by the FUT method helps in stabilizing the hair restoration because it needs only one time until it is not the case of progressive baldness. However, adapting the FUT technique helps in stabilizing the restoration surgery.

    1.   The Modest cost of the Procedure:

    The modest cost of the procedure is well approved with the FUT method because of the most widely accepted in the restoration world. Per graft extracted in the FUT technique also has lesser cost compared to the FUE method.