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Some very important points regarding essential oils

    An Essential oils are viewed as volatile and highly concentrated plant extracts. Essential oil is obtained from various extraction methods and the portion of the plant that people get essential oil from can be different based on the oil but it is commonly the most aromatic portion. For instance, rose oil is derived from the rose’s petals and citrus oils are found from the rind. As these oils are all-nature, so, it becomes easy to assume that they are pretty gentle and unreactive. But, this isn’t the case as an essential oil tends to be highly powerful. Actually, they are more than 75 times potent compared to dried herbs.

    Due to this; an essential oil should be handled with extreme care. By this, it is meant that only a couple of drops can do many things. Additionally, it is highly important to dilute the oil before you apply it on your skin. Whether you should ingest these oils or not is a highly debated topic as many people argue that these oils aren’t safe until and unless you are being recommended by an expert or a doctor. People use these oils for various purposes, like for treating skin conditions, aromatherapy, soothing muscle inflammation, etc. Again, you can use these oils in your personal care products, for your general well-being, and in home cleaning products.

    Preparing a solution of essential oil

    As a rule, you must dilute an essential oil into a carrier substance, like the vegetable, water or nut oil. You should dilute it at a concentration of 3-5%. When you have got one teaspoon, like 5cc of the carrier then you must add 3 drops of essential oil. It would make a 3% solution which you can use on one part of your body. For applying or massaging over large portions of your body, you should take one drop of essential oil and it is considered a harmless concentration. However, for use on an infant, you must use 0.25% solution and .5% for the toddlers.

    Choosing the essential oil

    The essential oil you select will depend on your purpose; whether you wish to have it for elevating your mood or you need an oil to treat a burn or you need essential oils for headaches. Actually, there isn’t any definitive list which specifies the essential oil which is used for treating a particular health condition. For instance, though the essential oil of chamomile, lavender, Frankincense, and basil are commonly found to leave a calming effect, yet they are helpful for anxiety too.

    Again, peppermint and bergamot oil tend to be simulating and aid people who suffer from depression. Hence, you require to be proactive regarding doing research as well as have a talk with qualified aromatherapists in using essential oil. An excellent place to begin is getting a book regarding therapeutic aromatherapy. You will find numerous good books and so, you will be able to get one which will cater to your needs well. However, you must always pay attention to restrains for every essential oil as well as its application process. Remember, it is hugely important to dilute and consider your personal reactions closely.