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Sprained Ankle: Rehabilitation Exercises

    Having a sprained ankle is definitely better than the ankle being broken. But, this is open of the most used parts of your body, you need to make sure it comes back to full strength as fast as possible.

    The problem is movement is good, but the wrong sort of movement can cause more issues. The best approach is to check out your local physiotherapy mascot, or one close to where you live. This will give you access to a full range of services, including standard physio exercises, massages, and even some natural options.

    If you’re struggling with a sprained ankle then try the following rehabilitation exercises. The secret is to keep doing them and your ankle will get stronger.

    The Alphabet

    Sit in your chair and raise your foot off the ground. Then, try to trace the letters of the alphabet in the air, using your big toe. This simple movement forces your ankle to rotate but shouldn’t be painful. In short, it will encourage the ankle to heal and become stronger.

    Ideally, you want to be aiming to complete the alphabet at least 3 times during one session.

    Foot Flat

    An alternative or additional, exercise is to place both feet flat on the floor while you’re sat in a chair. Then, gradually move the knee, on the same leg as your ankle sprain, out to the side. Your foot must stay flat on the floor.

    Toe Curls

    Another great option is to sit down with your foot on a towel, on the floor. Simply scrunch the towel up in your toes, lifting it towards your body. 

    If you find this too easy simply add a weighted object to the towel.

    Towel Stretch

    You can also use a towel on this exercise! Roll your towel up and place it under the ball of your foot, with your leg stretched straight out in front of you.

    Now slowly pull the towel towards you while keeping your leg straight, if you feel the stretch in your calf you’re doing well!

    Calf Stretch

    Find a wall and face it, with your hands on the wall at eye level. Place your sprained leg approximately one step behind your other leg and push the heel to the floor. Now bend your front leg at the knee, you’ll feel the stretch.

    While you should always feel the stretch, the moment you feel any pain you should stop.


    This is as easy as it sounds. Sit on the floor and put your feet against the wall, they need to be flat against the wall.

    Now push against the wall, as though propelling yourself across the room. Hold the pose for 6 seconds and relax for 6 seconds before repeating.

    You can also put your feet flat on the floor while sitting and push your sprained foot towards the other foot. 

    If you prefer or have the time to do all of these exercises, then you can also put the heel of your good foot on top of the injured foot. Push down with your good foot while pushing up with your bad heel. Again, you’ll need to hold this for approximately 6 seconds.

    You can also try standing on your injured foot, closing your eyes, and trying to maintain your balance. It’s harder than it sounds with a good ankle!