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Starting to Work Out? Don’t Forget to Prepare Yourself Smartly. 

    “I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”


    • Micheal Jordan 


    How many times have you heard an individual giving you sound advice on eating and doing post-workout exercises? From eating healthy to maintain a good body posture, there are a lot of post-workout suggestions to think of. 


    But have you ever thought about the pre-workout sessions or things to do? Just like regaining post-workout is important, so is the pre-work energy building. For this, you need to keep a check on almost everything you eat and drink. 


    If you don’t believe it, consult a physician who may recommend you the same. Therefore, pay attention to what you eat, how you build up strength in your body, and give your best shot while you workout. 


    The importance of pre-workout preparations – 


    One of the major factors of being motivated is to feel energetic and have the potential to perform exercises effectively. This is where most fitness enthusiasts lose hope and fail to see positive results on their bodies. Here, you feel the need for perfect pre-workouts, warm-up, and cool down sessions before starting your exercises. In addition to this, planning your diet can be another major factor impacting your body.


    What keeps you in good shape and improves your workout sessions?


    Diet – This is the most important factor improving or ruining your exercise routine. If you eat well, maintain your diet well, you can witness its positive impact on your body. But at the same time, make sure to consult a dietician about the sudden dietary changes as they can lead to a huge impact on your body. Some of the safest and healthy pre-work eatables are – oats, boiled veggies, milk, nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashew), fiber-rich fruits like bananas, and much more. 


    Rather than stuffing your stomach with unnecessary carbs, go for a balanced diet that can give you a good amount of energy to continue your workout session effectively. Besides eating fruits and vegetables, make sure to hydrate your body well, so you don’t faint or feel low while you workout. 


    The warm-up and cool-down process – You must have heard people shouting about the importance of warm-up before an exercise session. Although it may show some promising results, you can still not afford to neglect the fact that the right process is followed. Experts suggest to warm up and then cool down your body before you actually start the rigid workout session. Warm-up expands the muscles and makes your body flexible to do exercises for the next one or two hours; at the same time, cooling down the body helps restore the breath and avoid muscle soreness to a considerable extent. 


    Perform a quick warm-up session of 15 minutes and then cool down the body for at least 5 to 7 minutes. Make sure to go slow on the warm-up session to obtain the best results. The more time you take to warm your body, the better flexibility you attain. 


    Set up the workout station for yourself – If you are someone who does not go to the gym and practice exercises at home, then you can consider it as your warm-up exercise. Setting up the workout space includes everything from arranging the line of fitness equipment to putting up favorite numbers on loop. If you are to begin your workout session online, then set up your system, get the exercise mat ready with an energy drink, and everything you require to perform exercises. While all this, make sure to choose the fitness equipment in consultation with your physician or trainer who can help you get the best for yourself. 


    A workout buddy – It is good to have someone by your side to support and encourage you to give your best shot while you get into shape. And for this, you would need to have a workout buddy with you. Ask any of your friends or your siblings to accompany you. If possible, ask a fit enough friend to help you get on the right track. 


    Sleep well – The secret to an energetic workout is to relish sound sleep. When you ensure sufficient rest to your body, you can expect to see its impact on your uplifted mood and body strength. Moreover, it helps you to remain healthy and happy during your workout session. Plus, it makes you mentally strong to expand your body potential and have a rigid workout session. 


    How do you keep going on the journey to be fit?


    The world knows the struggle of shedding those extra lbs and getting to a desirable shape. Why? Well, because everyone in the world has ever witnessed this struggle for sure. Here, it becomes important that you stick with the strict regime, follow a uniform lifestyle, and see a notable change in your body. 


    When talking about the workout, people often restrict their thought process till diet and warm up exercises. But that’s not enough to get quality results in your kitty. For this, you need to have a good and appropriate set of fitness equipment too. The type of fitness equipment depends on the exercises you are likely to perform. Here, a gym instructor or fitness trainer can help you the best. 


    Pro tip – A minor negligence in the pre-workout session and diet becomes the reason for poor results and bad workout experiences. Therefore, make sure to consult a practitioner before including or eliminating anything from your diet or fitness regime.  


    The bottom line – 


    Just like the post-workout sessions, the pre-workout preparations matter too. Besides this, make sure you plan for a pre-workout prep time based on your body type. This makes the process more productive and progressive to undergo. Here, you can consult a dietician or physician to create a well-maintained pre-work session for you.