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Superior Expert Care for Foot and Ankle Injury in Arizona

    How many times have you broken or twisted your ankle? Uncountable, right? It indicates how typical ankle and foot injuries are in our daily life. In one way or another, the damages interfere and disrupt your daily activities and even decrease your work performance. Having a health specialist in this area is critical in securing your health as soon as possible. Are you in Arizona and looking for a foot and ankle injury specialist? Dr. Nima Sana, a board-certified podiatrist at Phoenician Foot & Ankle Specialists, is here to help. The Scottsdale foot and ankle trauma specialist is highly experienced in treating and diagnosing various foot and ankle injuries. Call or book online to schedule your appointment.

    Here is all you need to know about foot and ankle injuries.

    Types of foot and ankle injuries

    Sprains and strains

    Sprains occur when a ligament stretches or tears. A strain is an injury to the tendon. It is possible for even the most prominent tendon, the Achilles tendon, to tear when put under pressure.

    Sprains and strains are regular amongst many people.


    Did you know that your foot and ankle have 52 bones each? Fractures usually involve the breaking of bones. Fractures are standard foot and ankle injuries, including crush injuries, which mostly happen when you drop something heavy on your foot.

    Chronic foot and ankle injuries

    Chronic foot and ankle injuries occur due to the excessive repetition of movement, leading to slight tissue injuries. The damages cause inflammation and pain.


    The largest tendon, the Achilles tendon, is usually at risk of developing tendinitis due to overuse injury. When left untreated, it may worsen, damaging the tendon tissues.

    Stress fractures

    Stress fractures are common with runners. They are tiny cracks that occur in the foot and ankle bones. You are likely to get stress fractures if you run on hard surfaces and with uncomfortable and unsafe footwear.

    Plantar fasciitis

    The plantar fascia is a crucial tissue that anchors your foot’s arch. Overstretching of this tissue causes inflammation and pain.

    Circulatory problems

    Usually, your feet will always indicate the health of your body, especially if you are suffering from chronic diseases, such as diabetes. Poor circulation may also arise from these illnesses. Inadequate blood flow in the legs and feet leads to insufficient oxygen and nutrients in the tissue, causing fluid and pressure build-up to enhance ulcer development.

    Neuropathy increases your risk of foot or ankle injury. It is common in diabetic patients.

    Foot and ankle injuries treatments

    Your treatment for foot and ankle injury at Phoenician Foot & Ankle Specialists may involve:

    ·       Physical therapy

    ·       Cortisone injections

    ·       Splinting or casting

    ·       Platelet-rich plasma

    ·       Viscosupplementation injections

    For severe fractures and damaged connective tissues, your provider may recommend surgery. Dr. Sana carries out the surgery using minimally invasive techniques to enhance faster healing and quick recovery.

    Call Phoenician Foot & Ankle Specialists today or use their online tool to book your appointment. Enjoy the unmatched care of the experienced podiatrist and the latest foot and ankle injury treatments. Contact their office in Scottsdale, Arizona.