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Surgeries to Help You Eliminate Neck Pains

    Neck pains can increase your chances of disability. Pains in one part of your back can radiate to other parts making you unable to accomplish even the simplest activities. Simple medicines and over the counter medicines can just offer you short-lived remedies. You will need spinal surgeries to help you get rid of neck and back pains. Dhruv B. Pateder, MD, a spinal surgeon in Reston, VA has experience and skills to eliminate your pain.

    Who is a candidate for Spine Surgery?

    Many people often prefer non-surgical methods to treat any type of pain. However, in some cases, these less invasive ways do not offer the required relief for pains. An extensive surgery will help your doctor reach the critical parts of the pain and solve it completely. Back pains can affect you in a way that you cannot complete simple activities. When this happens, it is because of an obtrusion in your spine. A point to note is that surgeries only take place when your doctor identifies the exact reason for your issue. Therefore, cutting down the risks associated with the procedure. Nerve compressions often dominate most neck and back pain cases. Town Center Orthopaedic Associates will offer you relief for the following issues:

    •       Vertebral fractures
    •       Herniated discs
    •       Spondylolisthesis
    •       Spinal stenosis
    •       Vertebral fractures

    Less invasive methods work effectively to reduce or eliminate the pain. However, in cases where you do not get the desired results you can consider surgery. Town Center Orthopaedic Associates takes many steps to guarantee your safety. Your doctor will carry out a thorough analysis to identify the exact cause of the issue before putting you on the operating table.

    What types of spinal surgeries exist?

    Many surgeries exist and each will depend on your pain. Different people will undergo a different surgery to remedy their issues. However, the most significant surgeries to stop back pain include:

    •       Cervical decompression

    Cervical decompression is a procedure that removes bones in the neck and spine to reduce your pain. The procedure resembles lumbar decompression and works just as well to eliminate or reduce neck or back pains.

    •       Lumbar decompression

    This procedure involves the removal of bones. However, your doctor will first have to confirm that bone compression is the cause of your neck pain. Other procedures to complete lumbar decompression include lumbar laminectomy and microdiscectomy and they both depend on the nature of your pain.

    •       Cervical fusion

    This process involves the combination of several vertebras to reduce the movement in your neck. A limit in the movement of structures will reduce your pain.

    •       Artificial disc replacement

    Severely damaged structures require sudden replacements. Your doctor will use an artificial structure to replace a damaged intervertebral disk.

    What activities to expect in spinal surgery consultation

    Your doctor will offer you a complete examination when you visit Town Center Orthopaedic Associates. Additionally, your treatment history will help determine the best treatment for you. With all this information, your doctor will book you for spinal surgery.

    Eliminate your back and neck pain with a certified surgery from Town Center Orthopaedic Associates in Reston, VA. Reach the center via a phone call or make an appointment online.