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Surprising Reasons Behind Uncommon Body Pain

    Chronic body pain is turning out to be a prominent health issue in the world. We are likely to take such aspects lightly until its miserable pain restricts our body movement. 

    Such is its impact that many researchers have researched the impact of body pain. Regardless of age and gender, it has affected many people worldwide. A School of Public Health report reveals that more than 1.5 billion people suffer from the worst effects of chronic pain. The suffering is likely to affect more people in the future if we continue to make the same common yet impactful mistakes in our lives. 

    This makes it essential to be familiar with everything, which affects your health and body structure. Asking practitioners this question will only bring you to a conclusion of practicing an unhealthy lifestyle. But do you know the details of this unhealthy lifestyle? If not, continue reading this and find out yourself! 

    Here’s why you experience sudden and lasting body pain – 

    #1 – Foot pain – Those endless flip flops 

    No wonder flip flops are considered an easy way to keep your feet cool in the scorching heat. But remember, all flip flops are not pain-free. Thus, you should be good enough at choosing the right pair for yourself. One of the easiest ways to evaluate quality is to check flexibility or how much they bend. If you are able to bend them in half, avoid buying them. Ideally, flip flops should bend at the ball of the foot for natural fit and comfort. Also, look for a pair with arch support that helps to avoid injuries. 

    Pro tip – Avoid strolling in flip flops for long as it can lead to plantar fasciitis or inflammation in the heel area. 

    #2 – Neck pain – Do you the total number of smartphone users has surpassed six billion worldwide. What’s more shocking is that this number is going to add more millions in the upcoming years. So far, China, the United States, and India are some countries found high on mobile usage. This shows the never-ending mania for mobile phones. Regardless of age and gender, people continue to use smartphones. Although they offer utter convenience at the same time, it takes a major toll on our health too. How? Excessive usage of smartphones is linked with neck and thumb pain. In medical science, such conditions are recognized as “text neck” and “text thumb,” respectively. 

    Text thumb – An uncommon popping of thumb hurts and shows your excessive addiction to mobile phones. This happens due to repetitive motions like – dragging, clicking and swiping the screen. This may put your thumb in a curling position, making it difficult for you to use your thumb normally. 

    Text neck – With growing age, it’s common to experience neck, shoulder, or lower back problems. But when you witness it at a young age, you need to look into your health. Most people drop their heads to focus better on the mobile phone screen. This may give you a clearer picture of what you are viewing on the cell phone screen, but it adversely hampers your eyes and neck. Always remember, your head puts excessive pressure on the neck (somewhere close to 60 pounds of force at least). And that’s enough to ruin your neck tissues. 

    #3 – Neglecting arthritis – Arthritis is uncommon swelling in different joints of the body. There can be many reasons behind arthritis-like – injury, wrong injection, a natural breakout of cartilage, and much more. When suffering from arthritis, one should undergo a complete pain management course. For this, many people use bone capsules to improve bone density, work on the joints’ comfort, and much more. 

    #4 – The relationship between cheese and headaches- You may be in love with putting extra cheese on every pizza slice but do you know it may trigger headache issues? Cheese contains a chemical that breaks down the total amount of amino acids into tyramine. Here are some common types of cheese to lead you to headache or migraine issues – brie, mozzarella cheese, feta, cheddar, swiss, parmesan, etc. If you think cheese can’t hamper your health as explained, pick any migraine journal and read. 

    #5 – Laptop bags – Handy computer systems and pretty bags may be a reason for you to carry your laptop every day. But do you know it’s a common reason for you to undergo shoulder and neck pain every night? MedicineNet reveals that up to 75% of employees have complained of experiencing shoulder pain, and somewhere 35% admitted to having elbow pain. This is when you stuff your laptop bag unnecessarily or don’t hold it wisely. The best way to avoid this pain is to carry your bag as a criss-cross one to balance the weight on your body. 

    #6 – Tight ponytails – This may be a comfortable hairstyle waving off your hassles of juggling with those tiny hair strains, but it may lead you to a headache. That’s the reason why medical science has coined a term like “ponytail headache syndrome.” It’s a type of disorder affecting many people worldwide. It all begins with a frustrating discomfort leading it to allodynia. In some worse cases, one may experience sleep deprivation. Thus, before it takes a toll on your health and sleeping pattern, take wise steps to overcome it. 

    #7 – Alcohol – Excess of everything is dangerous. Enjoying a drink once in a blue moon is absolutely normal and does not ruin your health. But when this number increases to 3 or 4 times, you may see some negative impact on your health like headache or heartache. Above all, you are likely to experience hangovers frequently. It does not matter if you consume whisky or a vintage wine, alcohol when consumed in excess, will show its negative impact someday soon. 

    The bottom line is that – 

    Suffering from chronic body pain makes movement difficult. If not taken care of at the right time, you may end up bearing its side effects for a lifetime. There are plenty of ways to overcome this physical health issue; all you need is to be good enough to analyze it in a timely.