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Symptoms of Hair loss

    Everyone in Lakewood Ranch suffers from hair loss at some point in their life. However, some people lose a lot of hair from their scalp, and they may develop baldness. You can lose patches of hair at the scalp alone or on any other hair-bearing region. The hair grows back in most people, but some people can have permanent hair loss. The good news is that treatment for hair loss is now widely available.

    If you have lost confidence in your physical appearance because of the hair loss, you can consult a hair loss specialist in Lakewood Ranch who will examine your condition to determine the best treatment for you. The doctor will also take a thorough medical history and examine whether you have an underlying medical condition that is triggering the hair loss. Treatment of the root cause of hair loss is essential to prevent a recurrence.

    What Causes Hair Loss?

    It is usual for everyone to lose about 100 hairs daily, but hair loss develops when the hair does not grow back. Some of the factors that cause hair loss include genetic predisposition, where the condition runs in families. Hormonal changes also trigger hair loss. Women who are experiencing changes in estrogen levels during pregnancy or postpartum period and those who are using oral contraceptives are at risk of hair loss.

    You can also get hair loss when you are stressed. Some mental conditions also trigger hair loss like trichotillomania, a condition that presents with a compulsive urge to pluck hair from the scalp. Some forms of treatment can cause hair loss, including medications that treat arthritis and heart diseases.  Chemotherapy used to treat cancer can cause hair loss because it kills any rapidly multiplying cells.

    Other triggers of hair loss include advancing age. Losing a significant amount of weight also puts you at risk of hair loss. Some nutrients are essential for hair growth, including selenium, zinc, and iron. If you lack these nutrients, your hair can thin out and start to fall off.

    How Does Hair Loss Present?

    The presentation of hair loss varies from one person to the other. The most obvious sign of hair loss is a receding hairline. You can notice the change in hairline by comparing photos taken at different times. You can also get a patch of hair loss when you lose a lot of hair at once. Sometimes when you are about to lose hair, you feel some itchiness of your scalp.

    Itchiness of the scalp is not always an accurate indicator of hair loss because sometimes itching is caused by dryness of the scalp due to a reduction in the amount of sebum. Some people also get scalp scalings, which is caused by conditions like ringworms— and the affected areas loose hair from the surface.

    Though rare, some people develop total alopecia where they lose hair on the entire body.  If you experience any of these symptoms, you should seek treatment to prevent permanent hair loss and improve your treatment outcomes.

    Hair loss is a common problem that can affect a person of any age. Some of the factors that cause hair loss include a family history of hair loss, hormonal changes, nutritional deficiency, chronic conditions like diabetes, and stress. You should watch out for hair loss signs like a receding hairline and seek treatment early enough to have the best results.