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Tasty Ways to Distress Your Day after a Hectic Day at Work!

    “The truth is that stress doesn’t come from your boss, your kids, your spouse, traffic jams, health challenges, or other circumstances. It comes from your thoughts about your circumstances.”

    • Andrew Bernstein 

    As per American Psychological Association, stress is referred to as a mental health threat to the nation. The stress level of most Americans has gone worse after the global pandemic circumstances. The report suggests that around 8 to 10 adults claimed that the COVID-19 pandemic is a prominent reason for them to undergo stress. This makes it a total of 78% of adults suffering from the worst stage of stress at the moment. 

    When it comes to dealing with stress, there can be many ways to try your hands on. Here, the most prominent factor is whether you know the causes behind stress or not. Different reasons and stress levels require different kinds of treatments and dealing. Therefore, it’s wise to understand the primary cause before trying your hands on the random healing processes. 

    Some common causes of stress are – 

    1. Overthinking about everything going on in your life 
    2. Panic attacks 
    3. Losing a job 
    4. Unhealthy relationships 
    5. Suffering a traumatic event
    6. Hectic schedule 
    7. No time for rejuvenation 

    All of these factors release an impact on the body and mind. Such characteristics make stress worse and almost unbearable for people to deal with. Here are some practical and tasty solutions to handling stress when in the initial stages of recovery. 

    Herbal tea – Imagine sipping a cup of delectable tea in the evening with eternal peace in your health and soothing your increased stress levels. Sounds like fun, right? Well, that’s a way of treating stress. Herbal teas with a blend of chamomile, lavender are associated with releasing relaxing effects, making you feel calm and happy. 

    CBD edibles – Believe it or not, CBD edibles are a premium choice to soothe stress without compromising on your taste buds. Yes, effective and tasty edibles like a twisted extracts jelly bomb that comes in different flavors, including orange, mango, raspberry, apple, etc., give you a perfect citric and fruity taste. All you need is to understand its consumption and ingest it properly. 

    Dark chocolates – Do you know dark chocolates leave a significant impact on your mental and emotional state of mind? Yes, it contains antioxidants that reduce stress hormones in the body while helping you feel better and happy. If you wish to have the best out of your favorite dark chocolates for stress relief, ensure it contains some essential ingredients, including – cane sugar, cocoa butter, and cacao beans. 

    Fish – Fish is a paradise for non-veg lovers. Why? Because it can be consumed in different forms and has a delectable taste. Where fish is associated with improving brain functioning, rare people know that it’s an effective remedy for stress. 

    The final line – 

    If not treated in the right way and right stage, stress can take a significant toll on your health and lifestyle. Before it leads to drastic changes in your life, it’s wise to consult a practitioner or try your hands on some effective remedies to get rid of it.