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Teeth Straightening: A Complete Guide to Quality Bites and Smiles

    If you need a billion-dollar smile for the billboards, magazine covers, and movie posters, you need to have straight teeth. Dr. Susan Liebman of Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics focuses on staying abreast with teeth straightening options for New York residents. If you ever need Brooklyn teeth straightening, contact Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics for specialized treatments. This piece offers further guidance towards straighter teeth for quality smiles and bites.

    What is Teeth Straightening?

    Alignment issues in your dental formula can affect your smile and bites. Teeth straightening is a part of orthodontics, using the latest technologies and appliances to fix misalignments and improve your smiles and bites. Your orthodontist considers your dental goals and alignment to determine your eligibility for the latest teeth straightening options.

    Teeth straightening options at Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics include braces and Invisalign.

    §  Invisalign. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign is inconspicuous and more natural. Dr. Liebman considers your dental goals to find the best fit for Invisalign. You get a series of removable plastic aligners that fit perfectly over your teeth. Your teeth move slightly more under the pressure whenever you move on to the subsequent aligner.

    §  Braces.  Metallic wires and appliances have been in use for decades. Ceramic brackets or wires are fixed to metal bands around your molars and teeth to align and straighten them. Dr. Liebman of Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics specializes in tightening the wire to guide your teeth into position for quality bites and smiles going forth.

    Your treatment plan includes using a retainer to maintain your teeth in position upon removing aligners and braces. In severe cases, you may qualify for complex appliances like functional jaw positioners or headgears.

    Who Needs Teeth Straightening?

    Teeth straightening is designed to help male and female patients of all ages have better smiles and bites naturally. If you start teeth straightening during childhood and teenage years, you are sure to enjoy optimum benefits before your teeth are crooked beyond repair.

    Teeth straightening is an ideal remedy for issues such as:

    §  Crowding teeth.

    §  Underbites.

    §  Overbites.

    §  Open bite/ front teeth that don’t close together.

    §  Crossbite/ upper teeth falling to the inside of your lower teeth.

    §  Protruding teeth.

    The issues highlighted above are likely to generate uneven pressure across the jaws whenever you close your mouth. If unchecked, it may cause speaking issues, low self-esteem, and reduce your oral health and well-being.

    Why Should I Straighten Teeth?

    Teeth straightening improves your facial features and appearance, bites, and smiles. You can straighten teeth with Invisalign, braces, and other relevant devices to enjoy benefits like:

    ü  Clearer speech.

    ü  Easier flossing and brushing.

    ü  Reduced wear and tear on the teeth.

    ü  Fewer chances of suffering gum disease.

    Brushing twice a day and regular flossing improves your oral health, while poor oral hygiene increases your chances of suffering certain diseases and conditions. After teeth straightening, you can maintain good oral health to reduce your chances of suffering kidney diseases, heart disease, and plenty more.

    Other Services Offered at Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics

    Dr. Liebman also specializes in:

    § Braces.

    § Invisalign.

    § Children orthodontics.

    § Orthodontic consultation.

    § Clear braces.

    § Adult orthodontics.

    § Retainers.

    In conclusion, your oral health is directly related to your general health and well-being. Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics offers specialized orthodontic solutions like teeth straightening and orthodontic consultation for adults and children.