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THC Vape Juice

    THC vape juice is the easiest way to vape on the go. It is not only superior to pre-filled vape cartridges you find in dispensaries, but it’s also cheaper and safer to make your own. In just a few minutes at home, you can mix up a batch of THC vape juice using the concentrate of your choice.

    Whatever wax, shatter, budder or oil you prefer can become THC vape juice in no time. It takes a few simple supplies and could save you hundreds of dollars.

    What Is THC Vape Juice?

    Vaping revolutionized smoking and it is now doing the same for cannabis users. Cannabis vape juice, CBD eliquid and THC premium e-liquids are all mixtures that work in any vape. They are a liquified form of your favorite concentrate.

    Any type of vape can use these juices. They are exactly the same as the nicotine vape juices you see everywhere. The only difference is they’re cannabis-infused!

    Why Making Your Own THC Vape Juice Is Better Than Pre-Filled Cartridges

    Sure, you can go to the dispensary, pay an astronomical price for a vape cartridge, and start vaping now. The problems are numerous, however.

    First of all, it recently came to light that many of the pre-filled vape cartridges at dispensaries are low quality. This isn’t just a pain, it’s downright dangerous. Did you know some are testing positive for high levels of lead and other heavy metals?

    That’s right! High Times broke the story recently and it sounds like the industry has known this for some time! The industry typically buys the cheapest atomizers they can find and that’s just not safe.

    While this issue is pretty complicated, there are other very clear advantages to making your own vape juice.

    You’ll save time running back and forth to the dispensary to get your carts. You’ll save gas money, too.

    You have way more control when you make your own juice. You can pick your flavor, concentration, and the concentrate you like.

    Most vape mods have temperature control while the simple stick batteries that come with prefilled carts do not.

    How To Make Your Own THC Vape Juice

    The process is really as easy as one, two, three. Get ready to be stunned.

    Place your order at Wax Liquidizer and go ahead and pick up the starter kit. It comes with a heatproof glass to mix in, and a tool to measure the liquidizer and transfer it to your tank after mixing. You’ll also get a storage bottle. By the way, there are 6 flavors to pick, one of which is flavorless for you purists out there.

    While you’re waiting for your order to arrive, pick up some of your favorite concentrate.

    When you receive it, get into your kitchen, mix 2ml of the liquidizer with a gram of your concentrate and warm it up. You can heat the mix in your microwave or by putting the glass in a little hot water and mixing around. This takes a few seconds.

    Transfer the mix from the glass to your tank and start vaping!

    Don’t feel stupid, it’s ok. You didn’t know any better. But get ready for another shock.

    How Much Can You Save Making Your Own THC Vape Juice?

    Well, that depends on how much you vape, but here’s a shocking little formula.

    Most prefilled vape cartridges cost $35 at the dispensary and only contain .5ml of juice.

    The average cost of a gram of wax is also $35. The amount of Wax LIquidizer you’ll put in there costs mere pennies and turns this gram of wax into 6 vape cartridges!

    That’s like paying $35 for $210 worth of vape juice!

    What Are You Waiting For? gets great reviews, works like a charm, and never separates. That means you can mix up a big batch each week or month and just load your tanks as needed.

    It works in every type of vape you can imagine, from pod systems to RDAs to sub-ohm tanks. If you want to learn more, check out the blog on the site which is full of tips on using the product in different kinds of vapes.

    If you sign up for updates with your email address, you’ll even receive some money off your first order. It literally couldn’t be easier to start vaping smarter.