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The Advantages Of Spinal Decompression Therapy Over Traditional Treatment Models

    Many Americans and other people around the world suffer from chronic back pain and are struggling to get the most reliable solutions. Those who have suffered from back pain are aware of its impacts on mobility and function in general. Most health institutions insist on applying traditional and accepted treatment methods such as surgery, pills, and injections.

    But if you’ve had the chance to speak to some patients who followed those procedures, you’ll realize that the accepted models are only temporary solutions. Aside from surgery and drug prescriptions, there are several other alternative treatments which are way more reliable and provide permanent relief. One of the highly recommended medication-free treatment options for beck pain is spinal decompression therapy.

    People such as athletes, accident victims, and the elderly may find this option quite useful. Physical pain does not only affect your health but also keeps you from being productive. If you are quietly experiencing hip, leg, and lower back pain for some time now and haven’t taken any measure to prevent it, chances are the condition will get worse. There are several non-surgical treatment plans from Advanced Spine & Disc to help you heal completely and get back to normal. The spinal decompression therapy will relieve you from pain, strengthen your core, and improve mobility range.

    Spinal Decompression Therapy

    Also known as non-surgical spinal decompression therapy, this is a non-invasive spine treatment that uses powerful traction to treat the spinal column. The spinal column comprises of disc injury,  osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, lock back pain affecting the neck and causing headaches and traveling pain down the leg or arm. This procedure involves stretching of the spine, which reduces pressure and tension from nerves or spinal discs due to change in position of the spine. For aging people, it is the best option to help them heal from consistent back pain.

    The areas where spinal decompression therapy can impact include;

    • Pain relief in the lower back and neck 
    • Pain relief in the sciatica 
    • It is the ideal non-surgical procedure for Herniated Disc Treatment, bulging, Murray Spinal Stenosis Treatment, or degenerative disc illnesses in the neck and lumbar regions.

    You should know that aging makes discs located between spinal cord bones lose their fluidity. That leads to the decompression of your spine, making them defenseless against each other. But the spinal decompression therapy through gentle forces can cause an improvement of the blood flow and supply of nutrients to the areas affected. The procedure involves a lot of stretching, which lasts for about 15-18 minutes. After the session, the patient should feel very relaxed and less tense around the injured areas.

    Spinal decompression therapy is chiropractic treatment, and just like the rest, it takes place on a unique table designed solely for that purpose. The only thing setting it apart from other therapies is patients being strapped into a harness.  This harness ties to the table as the chiropractor monitors everything from the computer. What happens is, the computer-controlled machine stretches your spine, and when it does, fluid fills up in the discs found between bones in the spine. The fluid is essential in repairing spinal discs and protecting the bones from each other. 

    Now let’s get into the benefits of spinal decompression therapy;

    Less Degeneration Of Spine

    Sitting in one place for a long time has a terrible impact on the spine and general health. Such a lifestyle leads to compression and breakdown of the spinal discs. Over time degeneration is bound to occur, and spinal decompression therapy offers the best solutions for such a severe case. By decompressing the spine, you make it less vulnerable to degeneration and total wear out. 

    Non-Invasive And Time Friendly

    Unlike the traditional spine treatment modules, spinal decompression doesn’t involve the use of medication or consume much time. Most patients testify that after the first session, they noticed improvement and saw the results, particularly pain relief. Not even surgical treatment offers such immediate results; thus making spinal decompression a natural pain reliever.

    Ideal For Degenerative Disc Diseases, Neck And Lumber Regions

    Another potential group of people who can benefit from spinal decompression are those suffering from sciatic, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, facet syndrome, and degenerative disc disease. However, broken vertebrae patients, people with spinal fusions or implants, pregnant women, or unsuccessful surgery should not partake in this therapeutic procedure. It is not ideal for them.