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The Amazing Exercise Benefits of Archery for Women

    By Graham Mitchell

    Archery is a fast growing and extremely popular sport with new clubs and ranges opening all the time. Huge movie franchises such as Lord of the Rings and The Hunger Games have helped to popularize the sport with younger participants and women more generally. This has been a wonderful coup for the sport and with the friendly, open and welcoming attitude of archery clubs’ people are joining in ever growing numbers.

    Archery has played a central part in human life for millennia originally being used primarily for hunting and survival and evolving over the years into a highly refined sporting activity with equipment that is getting better every year. Archery is still used in hunting however in the modern world most archers spend their time on ranges shooting static targets, both 3D and flat. 

    Archery is a fun, sociable and accessible way to improve your health, fitness and the general quality of your life. Archery is becoming increasingly popular and with so many indoor and outdoor ranges joining a club has never been easier. 

    There are many health benefits of archery that will keep you in shape as well as boost your mental acuity. 

    Archery is a great form of exercise that improves your cardiovascular functioning, keeps you active and develops the muscles of your shoulders, back and arms. The main muscles that are used are in your upper back and shoulders, which include the Rhomboids, the Rotator cuff, the Levator scapulae, Trapezius, Deltoids and the Latissimus dorsi which together will help to keep you in great shape.

    While you are aiming your bow, you will be holding your muscles in tension which will develop their strength and power. Once you are practicing archery on a fairly regular basis you will quickly notice that your upper strength is improving and every day activities are becoming easier! These improvements will continue gradually over time and because you’re having a fun time while shooting, you’ll hardly be aware that you are having a good workout at the same time! 

    Archery helps you to work out muscles in a natural and comfortable way that is difficult to achieve in a gym environment. Before you do start your archery session though make sure that you stretch well so that you don’t pull your muscles as this is one of the most common injuries in the sport. 

    The Health Benefits of Archery for Women of Any Age.

    • Archery is an easy way to build to your upper body strength. While you are practicing archery, your muscles get a good work out, maintaining tension while you pull the bow.
    • Archery improves your posture as you work the muscles in your back. Your improved posture will be something that you notice in your daily life, whether you are at work or at home!
    • One of the most universally reported benefits of archery for women is that it will have a great effect on your confidence levels. As you improve over time you will realize that you can achieve anything. Archery is a fairly unique sport in that you are primarily competing with your own best self and as your scores get higher you will rightly become more confident about your own abilities.


    • There are fantastic mental health benefits from practicing archery, including the improvement of your focus and acuity, concentration and clarity. When you take part in archery your mind will become stronger and more powerful. While you concentrate on the target your brain is reanimating itself into new streams of consciousness and rebuilds itself in new and amazing ways.
    • You will see hand to eye coordination improvements. When you train in archery your overall coordination will significantly improve. Training your mental acuity will have positive effects in your everyday life, and you’ll notice that you catch a falling glass without effort and are lighter on your feet! This is an extremely transferable skill that will benefit you in every walk-in life. 


    • Archery will improve your patience as well as your concentration. When you train to hit the center of the target you will naturally develop increased levels of patience which will benefit every facet of life and combined with your increased mental focus this will help you develop your career, character and grow as a person.
    • When you join an archery club, or just go along for fun, you’ll find great camaraderie and companionship among your fellow archers. Archers are always happy to give you tips, advice and support while you train to improve your techniques; and even after hours there are often group meet ups and social events that you can get involved with. Finding friendship among people who share similar interests will improve your mood and make you happy!


    • Archery is an extremely inclusive sport that is completely open to people of all ages, abilities and skill levels. No matter whether you have physical disabilities or mental health issues, the sport is a great way to work on your mental and physical well-being while developing your character.
    • Taking part in archery is a fantastic way to lower your levels of stress. Keeping your stress levels down is essential to overall health and is important to avoiding everything from heart attacks to obesity. 
    • Archery is a satisfying way to work on self-improvement in a safe and supportive environment that is always welcoming and open to new members. 
    • Archery is a good way to improve the flexibility and strength of your fingers and hands. You will also tone your arms and shoulders and have fun while you do so!
    • When you train and practice archery it is a great form of physical therapy. Getting involved in the sport is an ideal way to recover from previous injuries and build your strength and flexibility back up again. 

    Archery is a great all round work out as well as being a new way to meet new people. 

    There are numerous health benefits involved in archery, from physical strength to mental acuity, all of which will serve you during your daily life, however it is also a good way to make new friends and join in with the camaraderie of competitions and club events. 

    For people who participate in archery they find that their health and overall well-being improves while having fun at the range. Archery is the perfect sport for you to push yourself to become fitter, healthier and to improve your concentration. You will become more flexible, dexterous and focused in your day to day life and be in the position to meet interesting new people.