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The Benefits of Having No-Touch Hand Sanitiser Machines in The Workplace

    No touch hand sanitizing machines, dispensers, or motion-activated dispensers have become quite common nowadays in institutional settings. Whether it is about preventing the spread of COVID 19 or combating the regular flu, these machines can help protect your workplace and employees against infections.


    Employees also want to ensure that they are safe going back to the office, knowing that they have access to the sanitation measures. Thus, installing a no-touch sanitizing machine is the best thing you can do to maintain hygiene in your workplace. Below are some of the benefits of an automated hand sanitizer machine-


    Provides Sanitization with Minimal Contact


    The no-touch hand sanitiser machine allows minimum contact with the surfaces, reducing the spread of disease-causing germs. Unlike the traditional hand washing machines, a no-touch hand sanitiser machine keeps you away from the risk of unnecessary touches.


    This machine uses motion sensors to deliver a good sanitizing solution in just one quick action. The employees won’t have to touch the hand dryer, faucet, or sanitizing wipe wall mount. It spreads the germs throughout the space, increasing the chances of diseases.


    Improves Hygiene


    No touch hand sanitisers provide sanitisers to the workers in the workplace and are the best option. Unlike the conventional machines that require you to directly contact every time you need to use it, these sanitisers offer a touch-free solution.


    Thus, it decreases the chances of pathogens passing from one employee to the other. It reduces infection among the staff and increases productivity.


    Easily Accessible


    Whether you place the hand sanitising machine on walls or stand, it provides the employees with a convenient way to maintain hygiene. They can be easily placed in break rooms, workspaces, offices, or high traffic areas. This way, the employees won’t have to skip frequent hand washing if the sanitiser station is far away.


    Encourage Usability


    With automated no-touch hand sanitizing machines in the workplace, the employees are likely to take time to keep their hands clean. But, it isn’t the case with the traditional machine. People consider it a tedious task and tend to avoid it.


    On the other hand, a touch-free hand sanitizing machine encourages people to use it frequently, increasing the number of employees who clean their hands. It will reduce the risk of transmitting infections among staff members.


    They Are Durable


    Mostly no-touch hand sanitizers are made of plain steel and can meet the demanding applications of sanitizing. They are designed in such a way that they are used countless times, resist scratching, and can handle the drops better than the conventional ones.


    Furthermore, touch-less sanitizing machines are efficient and work for many months. The batteries run down and need to be replaced, though. Automated dispensers also have LED indicators to alert the staff that the battery is low, which means it requires proper maintenance. Because, once the machine stops working, it will pause the hand hygiene too.


    They Are Affordable


    With no touch sanitizing machines, the amount of sanitiser dispensed is the same every time, unlike the manually operated machine. Due to this, the sanitiser that could be used for a day can be used for a couple of days with no touch machines. It saves money in the long run.


    Automated Sanitizing Machine Is Fun to Use


    No touch or automated sanitizing machines are enjoyable and fun to use. It lures even those who won’t otherwise clean their hands to use it. And this process declines the level of transmission germs that may cause serious infections.