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The best breast augmentation procedures in Singapore

    Do you dream of Scarlett Johansson or Monica Bellucci breasts? Rather than stuffing your bra, it is possible to opt for a cosmetic surgery operation: breast augmentation.


    Too small, asymmetrical, dropping after pregnancy, squeezed following an illness: the breasts benefit from various surgical techniques which have proven themselves over the years. Breast augmentation surgery in Singapore is the solution that can meet women’s unsatisfied dreams and desires to have bigger or just better-looking breasts – for physical reasons, psychological or merely aesthetic.


    What is breast augmentation?

    Breast augmentation is a standard procedure that will allow the patient to expand her breast and gain some bra cups, or to reshape the breasts. Different techniques and breast augmentation procedures are available, with various recovery time and post-operative suites.


    Here is everything you need to know about breast augmentation in Singapore.


    It is a surgical operation and offers the possibility to change and improve the appearance and size of the breast by inserting a breast implant or a fatty filling. There is also a process that combines fat grafting with breast implants, called “composite breast augmentation”.


    Depending on the age, size and preferences of the patient, the plastic surgeon will make his diagnosis.


    Before your breast augmentation in Singapore

    During a first consultation which lasts approximately 30 minutes, a surgeon like Dr Samuel Ho from Allure Plastic Surgery will show you some of his patients’ before and after photos and will engage in dialogue with you on the choice of the volume and the shape of the desired changes and will make recommendations based on the patient’s physical build. He will give you a quote. You will then have 15 days of mandatory reflection because this kind of operation is not done lightly.


    Once the decision has been made, make an appointment with the anesthesiologist. The operation is done under general anaesthesia, and he will advise you to take a painkiller a week before.


    The course the procedure

    Breast augmentation in Singapore usually lasts up to 2 hours and hospitalization up to 24 hours. You will arrive at the clinic in the morning and leave the next day, if everything is normal and no complications have been detected.


    The different breast surgery techniques

    The surgeon makes an incision, removes the tissue (the skin), inserts the breast implants, under or on the muscle, and closes with absorbable wires. 


    The same technique is used, whatever the access route. There are 3 ways to insert to breast implant:

    • The periareolar route: around the periphery of the areola that surrounds the nipple.
    • The submammary route: in the breast groove.
    • The axillary route: in the hollow of the armpit.


    Depending on the desires and needs of the patient, there are three types of breast surgery:


    • Breast augmentation: this technique consists in increasing the volume of the breasts. It is primarily a solution for breasts that are too small or asymmetrical. Breast augmentation allows breast implants to be inserted under the mammary gland to give volume to the chest. There are different types of breast implants. Silicone breast prostheses are the most used in Singapore, but there are others based on physiological saline. You will also have the choice between different forms of breast implants and prostheses, called “round” or even “anatomical”.
    • Correct a breast ptosis or sagging of the breasts: the surgeon intervenes by reshaping the breasts by using a concentration of the mammary gland to find a more harmonious chest.
    • Restorative surgery: this breast surgery is indicated in cases where the patient has undergone destructive breast surgery, following a treatment against cancer in particular or a significant weight loss. The breast reconstruction can be done using different techniques: reconstruction with the placement of implants or by simply using the skin and fat of the patient, if such is sufficient.


    All of these breast surgery techniques are done under general anaesthesia.


    Aftercare tips

    • After the operation, there is no pain, just a feeling of heaviness. It will gradually disappear, and the breasts will take on a more natural form.
    • The breasts are bandaged for a week.
    • Wearing a support bra is compulsory for one month. They are found in pharmacies.
    • Massage the scars with a healing cream.
    • Massage the breasts daily with a nourishing cream, to avoid shell formation and keep the skin supple. The more you move them, the better.
    • Adaptation time is necessary. Because the breasts are more substantial, it is advisable to wear a sports bra for several months.


    The risks of breast augmentation

    Breast augmentation presents minimal risks, and you can feel confident enough to take the plunge. It is this trust and the patient-doctor dialogue that will contribute in part to the success of the operation.


    Do not hesitate to choose the best doctors and surgeons. It is the reason why Singapore is becoming the breast augmentation mecca in Asia. Choosing to do your breast augmentation in Singapore will give you access to the best specialists and clinics, where you will be more comfortable for the operation.


    The result of breast augmentation

    Amazing from the first week, the result is final after 5 to 6 months, when the epithelial and epidermal tissues have adapted to the new form.


    How long does the effect from the surgery last?

    The best breast prostheses are used for breast augmentation in Singapore. They have a lifespan of ten years, minimum. But today, it’s almost guaranteed for life.


    Rarely, an implant can crack. But the silicone gel is non-toxic, so don’t panic. On the other hand, in this case, a new operation is necessary.


    Besides, it is good to know that in the case of pregnancy, having implants is not a problem. Avoid prostheses of too large a volume so as not to overload the tension of the breast tissues, considerably distended by pregnancy. Prefer the installation of a implants located behind the muscles, completely independent of the mammary gland; it allows breastfeeding safely.