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The Best Cannabis Strains for Growing in Heat and Humidity

    Even to the most experienced stoner, it might be surprising to learn that cannabis comes from a region known for being cold and dry. Experts believe that cannabis evolved naturally on the Eurasian Steppe, specifically in the area now controlled by Mongolia and southern Siberia.

    This could be why, even today, the plant doesn’t thrive under moist conditions. Growers know that overwatering cannabis crops is basically a death sentence, and farms in particularly humid corners of the country must rely extensively on dehumidifiers and fans to keep their plants pleasantly dry. Using a growbox can also help in growing your crops.

    If you want are interested in home-growing marijuana in a humid place like Maryland, you need to plan ahead with moisture-tolerant strains. Here are the best strains for wetter climates:

    Colombian Gold

    Colombian Gold was born and bred in the Santa Marta mountains of Colombia. A legendary landrace, this strain is the grand-daddy of so many modern strains, but its potency and ease of cultivation have allowed it to remain a beloved strain on its own. Though the aroma of this strain is dense skunk through and through, it grows quickly — but finding seeds might require traveling to the Colombian rainforest like Simon Bolivar. If you rather just buy cannabis instead of growing, you can simply head to a mail order dispensary such as . It is just easier overall!

    Jamaica Pearl

    Jamaica is another hot, humid environment where cannabis culture flourishes. However, unlike other strains from Jamaica, Jamaica Pearl grows hardily outdoors even in more northern latitudes. Though this strain grows tall like a sativa, it manifests bushy leaves and flowers like an indica. The buds are often shaped like bananas —and taste fruity and earthy — which make for abundant harvests.


    Legend has it that the Shaka Zulus, one of Africa’s most fearsome warrior tribes, smoked a strong sativa before battle — and that sativa was Kwazulu. This African strain comes from South Africa, where the climate is wet and cool at high elevations, even experiencing some snowfall in the winter. As a result, Kwazulu matures fast, flowering after about nine weeks and producing large colas that look strange but smell outstanding.

    Malawi Gold

    The spiritual importance of cannabis in Africa is likely what brought high-THC strains of the plant to the New World. Malawi Gold in particular hails from the subtropical region of Malawi, ensuring it has superior mold resistance. Though it can take up to 16 weeks to flower — and it is a bit temperamental, posing a challenge for experienced growers — this strain produces huge, deeply resinous buds that have a spicy pineapple aroma.

    Super Silver Haze

    An award-winning hybrid with genetics from Skunk, Northern Lights and other cannabis legends, Super Silver Haze is one of the best outdoor cannabis crops for warm climates. Like Kwazulu, Super Silver Haze produces comically large colas, which might require extra support before they are done maturing. For years, this strain has been a favorite amongst medical marijuana users, who use its high cannabinoid content to manage symptoms like nausea and stress.

    Thai Sativa

    The cultures of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia are rife with reefer use, so they have developed their own sativa strains that survive and thrive in hot, humid climates. Unlike other cannabis crops, Thai Sativa takes a long, long time to mature — even as long as eight or nine months. The result is a towering plant that uses so much energy to flower that it can drop its leaves as the buds bulk up. THC content in Thai Sativa tends to be exceedingly high, and the strain has a flavor like anise or fermenting fruit.

    Bangi Haze

    Named for its aroma, which evokes Nepalese incense, Bangi Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is easy to grow, fast to flower and generally an excellent choice for beginner cultivators. This strain can survive in some of the harshest climates, from heat and humidity to cold and rain — and it can even do well indoors thanks to its compact shape. The flavor of Bangi Haze, unlike its aroma, is one of sweet liqueur or honey.

    Holland’s Hope

    Despite being the exact opposite of the ideal growing environment for cannabis, Holland has long had a fascination with the drug. This strain is one of the first to grow successfully outdoors in Holland’s damp climate, and it is one of the most mold-resistant strains available today. An indica-dominant hybrid, Holland’s Hope remains short and stocky and produces a deeply pungent spicy hash smell. Don’t let its indica roots fool you; its effects hit hard in mind and body.

    Where there is a will, there is a way to grow cannabis in any environment. Even beginner growers can find the right strain for their climate, even if that climate is hot, humid and harsh to cannabis plants.