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The Best PEMF Technologies

    The pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is your best option to treat many body ailments, pains, and injuries. In the past, only professionals had access to PEMF therapy, but not anymore. The latest technologies allow any layperson to get therapy easily at home. These devices are easy and convenient to use. The electromagnetic pulses penetrate deep into your body and fix the cause of the pain. You can find a PEMF device according to your needs in the Healthyline Outlet.

    Here is a guide for you about the best PEMF technologies and how to select the best device.

    Why Should You Use the PEMF Devices?

    Electromagnetic therapy is a non-drug and non-invasive therapy that can treat many bone and muscle-related disorders. Whether you want to recover from an accident or get rid of everlasting back pain, PEMF therapy will cure it all. The devices are available in the form of mats, pads, and portable devices designed according to your needs. The mats are great to target your big body parts or even the whole body. The portable devices are designed to target specific body areas like legs, ankles, arms, or legs.

    PEMF Technologies to Use

    Here is a list of devices that you can get.

    1.  Amethyst Heating Pad

    It is a pad of the size of a cushion and is ideal to use while driving. This heated pad has jade stones embedded to soothe all sorts of muscle stiffness. A heated pad is designed in a way that you can easily set them up in your car seat or any chair. This technology releases ions that relieve back pain. It also helps to cure all kinds of chronic pain due to osteoporosis, arthritis, or any other injury. You may also use it to relax and release your stress. This technology is the best choice to help people on the go.

    2.  Platinum PEMF Mat

    The platinum mats are in high demand because of their low process and high quality. These mats come in different size ranges; you can select one according to your body height. The best thing about this mat is that it gives you five therapies in one device. These five therapies are as follows.

    ●       PEMF Therapy

    The primary purpose of this technology is this therapy. You can adjust frequency and intensity according to your needs.

    ●       Hot Stone Therapy

    This therapy uses the embedded stones to calm your mind and body.

    ●       Light Therapy

    The platinum mat emits photons that reach below your skin to heal your cells.

    ●       Detox Therapy

    This mat releases ions to purify your environment.

    ●       Infra Therapy

    The infrared rays are great for relieving pain, stiffness, and inflammation in muscle cells and tissues.

    You can use these foldable mats on any surface like floor, mattress, or bed. The user can easily control all the functions of a platinum mat.

    3.  Heated Gemstone Pillow

    A gemstone pillow is great for people facing sleeping issues. Just like the platinum mat, heated gemstone pillows offer all five therapies. This pillow is embedded with stones like amethyst, jade, and obsidian. It is great to support your neck and head while sleeping. Besides that, it will relieve your body’s soreness and anxiety overnight. This technology is specially designed for people suffering from neck stiffness, headaches, insomnia, or anxiety.

    Final Words

    To conclude, many technologies are now available to get PEMF therapy. You can find therapy devices according to your requirement in the healthyline outlet. This therapy successfully treats prolonged pain and injuries. The devices allow you to get therapy whenever you like. If you are facing any physical discomfort for long, you must give these devices a shot. The portable electromagnetic devices are surely a smart investment.