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The Best Stretches to Reduce Back Pain:


    Do Stretches Help Back Pain?

    Stretches are said to help reduce back pain due to the stimulation of muscles and blood flow in that area. Many doctors and health experts have supported this idea and many people have indeed felt pain relief in the back from various kinds of stretches and exercise. Various places like Brampton physiotherapy clinic also offer such treatments but its best to do it yourself at home. Mentioned below are some of the best stretches that will help you reduce back pain in little to no time. 

    Kinds of Stretches to Reduce Back Pain:

    These four stretches below are the lead stretches when it comes to back pain relief. 

    • Knee-to-Chest Stretch:

    In this exercise, you may have to lie on the floor (on a gym mat, if available) and bend both your knees. Keep both your heels on the floor while you bend your knees. Next, grab one knee with both your hands and bring it near your chest. This will cause your muscles of rear area to stretch. Repeat the last step with each knee pulled towards the chest one by one. 

    • Child’s Pose Stretch:

    In this pose, sit on a mat on all fours. First, place your hips near the ground and place both your arms on the ground, stretched forward. It might look like a prostration pose. Stay in that position until a stretch on the back is felt clearly. Stay in this pose for about five to ten minutes. This will help relax the muscles of your back and improve the mobility of your spine.

    • Seated Spinal Twist:

    For this pose, you need to sit at the edge of a pillow or a cushion and stretch out your legs simply towards the front. Now, you need to place up your right leg, bend its knee, and put it on your left thigh. Repeat the same step for your left leg, till you’re sitting with your legs crossed. Raise both your arms and have your palms face each other. Start it near the base of your spine. Twist it towards the right end. Now, put your right hand for your support behind you. Hug your right leg with your left arm. Stay in that position for about one minute. Repeat the same step for the opposite side.

    • Pelvic Tilt:

    In this pose, lie straight on your back with your feet on the floor but your knees bent upwards. Flatten your back against the floor, and stay in this pose for ten seconds. Breathe gently. Touch your back on the floor and release your breath. Do at least three sets of this stretch with each set having at least three repetitions. 

    Summing It Up:

    So, these are some of the important and best stretches which will surely help reduce your back pain for good. It is even better to make these steps a routine in your life so that you may have an even lesser chance to experience back pains.