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The Best Vegan SuperFoods to Improve your Gut Health

    Our gastrointestinal tract is, for the most part is stuffed with microbes. This part in the GI Tract is unanimously called the microbiome. The Microbiome consists of fungi, bacteria, and even viruses. It might sound disgusting and unhealthy, but some of these bacteria are part of your natural fauna and perform a ton of essential functions in the body. 

    These functions include getting rid of the harmful toxins and substances, supporting the immune system, converting energy from the food we eat, and producing serotonin. Of course, there’s always a combination of the good and bad bacteria. If the bad ones manage to become the majority of the population, it often leads to various health conditions. 

    Maintaining a healthy gut may sound unusual for you, but it’s as important as caring for our cardiovascular health. Keep in mind that our overall health is, believe it or not, correlated with a healthy gut. Surprisingly, what we eat can profoundly impact the types of bacteria living inside our bodies. Take a look at the Vegan SuperFoods below that are great for gut health. 


    Kimchi is a staple condiment for Koreans which contains spicy fermented superfood cleansing greens like cabbage, and other distinct additions. This Korean staple is not only delicious but also a health wonder. Kimchi can help one improve their gastrointestinal health since it includes compounds that are beneficial to most health-promoting bacteria. 

    Kimchi provides the same group of healthy microorganisms as other fermented foods, such as yogurt. Since kimchi contains vegetables such as cabbage and bok choy as well as healthy spices like peppers and garlic, it boasts tons of antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins.

    According to one study, kimchi combats against constipation, obesity, and even cancer while reducing cholesterol. It also boosts immune and brain function and provides some anti-aging benefits as well.


    Though garlic can make our breaths smell gross, it has strong and effective gut bacteria-promoting properties. It’s a flavorful herb associated with numerous health benefits. Garlic plays a vital role in improving our gut health by advocating the growth of the beneficial bacteria called Bifidobacteria. 

    Perhaps the best source of supply of prebiotics is raw garlic. However, for those individuals who don’t like to feel a burning sensation in the stomach or mouth, cooked garlic works well too.

    Adding garlic to any dish will undoubtedly intensify and heighten its flavor and health benefits. A clove of garlic a day, whether cooked or raw, is an excellent way to start gaining garlic benefits on a regular basis. 

    Green Bananas

    In general, bananas are an excellent source of inulin, which is a fiber that’s capable of disintegration that acts as a fertilizer for good bacteria. Other than the inulin, green bananas consist of high-levels of starch, which increases the level of good bacteria in the body and advocates a healthy gut.You can also buy plantain online.

    For sure, not everyone can get past the taste of green bananas. An alternative to this is frying or boiling them first before consumption. 


    Fermented veggies have powerful probiotic properties. Go for lacto-fermented products instead of vegetables pickled in vinegar. Why? It’s because lacto-fermented products like kimchi and sauerkraut are brimming with good bacteria.

    You can use salt, water, and other flavorful spices to naturally make pickles and other vegetables, such as green beans, beets, and carrots, in your home with delectable results. However, keep in mind that pickles are salty, one piece can instantly offer up to 10% of your sodium needs per day.

    Cold Potatoes

    One of the best sources of resistant starch is cold potatoes, potatoes that have been cleaned, cooked, and cooled. Resistant starch is a type of inedible carbohydrate and probiotic that serves as food for gut bacteria, supporting the good bacteria to grow and flourish. 

    Though resistant starch has tons of health benefits, its ability to boost insulin sensitivity is perhaps one of its most beneficial aspects. It helps people to minimize the risk of diabetes and even lose some pounds off.


    Let’s face it. Most of us don’t know the impact of an unhealthy gastrointestinal tract to our overall well-being. Well, the good news is that there are a lot of ways, natural ways, that we can take to boost gut health. Of course, it’s not only through food that we can achieve good health. 

    We also need to exercise regularly. For an intense workout session, make sure that you’re using a reliable timer such as a Tomato timer or any time management methods to closely monitor your activities. Regular sleeping hours should also be part of your activity. If all the things mentioned are done correctly, you’re on your way to achieving a healthy gut and a healthy body overall.