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The best way of cooking chicken for weight loss

    There are many good reasons why chicken is a popular meal for many people. For one, it’s readily available and a great source of lean protein. Aside from this, most people who want to lose weight prefer eating chicken because it’s low in unhealthy fats and carbohydrates. 

    However, the level of nutrition that you want to get from a chicken dish depends on how you cook it. The cooking method will determine the number of calories contained in the chicken. This post discusses the best methods for cooking chicken for weight loss. Arbonne protein shake reviews weight loss can also help you to lose weight.

    Why you should eat chicken

    No doubt eating a chicken meal can assist you to lose weight. This is because it provides your body with the right amount of protein. Keep in mind that various parts of a chicken have different protein amounts. When it comes to the chicken parts, perhaps the chicken breast is one of the popular cuts.

    But you need to consume a chicken breast without its skin to fully benefit from the proteins. The other chicken parts like chicken legs, chicken wings, and chicken drumsticks are also known to have a high amount of proteins. 

    Also, chicken has more than two times the polyunsaturated fat compared to the red meat. This is another reason why chicken is considered as a better alternative to red meat.

    However, to lose weight, you need to know the right cooking way to reduce the number of calories you are consuming and to benefit from the proteins in your diet. If you are not sure how to cook your chicken, see the Instant Pot Chicken and Vegetables – Roasted Chicken Breast.

    The best way to cook chicken

    You can cook a chicken using various methods but the following techniques are great for weight loss: 


    Poaching is regarded as the healthiest cooking method when it comes to chicken because it removes grease or oil. This cooking method just requires water brought to a boil and you should turn the heat to low. Then you can put the chicken into the water to cook. Because you allow the chicken to cook in low heat, it doesn’t lose nutrients. 


    Grilling is another great method of cooking chicken, and it gives you a chance to reduce the amount of fat in the chicken. Here is how this cooking method can be done. You only need to brush the chicken with oil, such as olive oil. You just require about half a tablespoon of healthy oil to cook the chicken.

    Baking and stir-frying 

    Stir-frying is also another popular method when it comes to preserving flavor and nutrition in your chicken. Turns out that this cooking method also keeps your dish low in calories. 

    The best way to cook your chicken with this method is to brush your pan with oil and stir the chicken portions. Likewise, you can decide to toss some vegetables, such as bell peppers, broccoli, and asparagus. You need to freeze some vegetables so that you can prepare them while cooking your chicken. However, can you freeze potato salad? The answer is yes, but you need to take special care when thawing it. 

    The benefit of roasting your chicken along with vegetables and spices is that it allows your chicken to cook well, without any need to use too much oil.