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The Brief Guide That Makes Cleaning a Bong Super Simple

    Every good weed-enthusiast knows that keeping your glassware clean is instrumental for a great smoking experience. Cleaning a bong is an important part of good stoner hygiene.

    Over time, our favorite pieces become caked in resin and our bong water gets murky and gross. Dirty bong water and resin build-up irritates your lungs and increases your chances of coughing.

    A dirty piece also keeps you from enjoying your bud’s natural flavors. Keep reading to learn how to clean your bong like an expert.

    Step One: Rinse

    The first thing you need to do is give your bong a thorough rinse. You want to try to remove as much gunk and grime as you can before you add your cleaning solution.

    Empty your bong into the sink, then give it a good solid rinse with lukewarm water. Slightly warm water will help loosen some of the old weed particles and resin.

    However, you want to avoid using water that’s too hot. Steaming hot water can actually break your bong, which is the last thing you want.

    Step Two: Cleaning Solution

    After you thoroughly rinse your bong, you want to add some cleaning solution to your piece. Rubbing alcohol is a great low-cost option for cleaning your piece.

    Pour rubbing alcohol into your bong, then add a healthy dose of coarse sea salt. The salt will rub against the inside of your piece, helping to loosen resin from the glass. Check out these thick bongs.

    Many smoke shops also sell dedicated glass cleaning solutions. These products work a lot better than the tried and true salt and alcohol method. They are specifically designed to remove the sticky, built-up resin.

    Step Three: Cover the Openings

    After you fill your piece with the cleaning solution of your choice, your need to cover all of the openings on your bong. Make sure you seal the opening for the down stem, bowl, and the mouthpiece before proceeding.

    You can find silicone cleaning caps for bongs online that will effectively seal your solution in your bong. Or you can use your hands to seal the openings.

    Step Four: Shake Vigorously

    After your bong’s openings are completely sealed, it’s time to shake it vigorously.

    Shaking your bong helps the cleaning solution rub away all the built-up resin. The harder and longer you shake your bong, the cleaner it will become.

    Just be careful not to drop it!

    Step Five: Use a Pipe Brush for Stubborn Spots

    Next, pour out your cleaning solution and all the nasty resin. After your bong is empty, you may notice a few stubborn spots that just won’t budge. Grab a pipe cleaner to target those spots specifically.

    Then thoroughly rinse your bong under clean, lukewarm water to wash away the rest of the resin and cleanser. Let your piece air-dry in a safe place.

    Step Six: Fill With Fresh Water and Enjoy

    Once your bong is clean and dry, you’re ready to fill it up with fresh water. Filtered water is the best option for filling your bong.

    Tap water can leave mineral deposits and water stains on your piece. Filtered water will provide you with a cleaner smoking experience that is safer for your glassware.

    Now it’s time to pack a bowl and enjoy the fresh taste of smoking from a newly cleaned bong!

    Cleaning a Bong Is Easy and Worth It

    You spend good money on your bud, and you want to make sure you’re getting the best quality smoking experience. A dirty bong makes your smoke taste stale and gross.

    Cleaning a bong is a simple way to keep your smoke session lit.

    Plus, keeping your bong clean is crucial to maintaining your piece. A clean bong is a healthy bong; dirty water can host tons of nasty microbes that can make you sick.

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