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The Carnivore Diet and Weight Loss: Should You Try It?

    If having a steak for breakfast, pork ribs for lunch, and fish for dinner seem acceptable, then a carnivore diet is perfect for you. This specific dietary regimen enables you to consume almost every kind of animal product, such as meat, fish, eggs, and low-lactose dairy products like butter or heavy cream. Everything other than these groceries is not allowed. Consuming fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and high-lactose dairy products like milk and cheese are considered cheating. Some adherents drink only water and use just salt and pepper. You are actually pretty limited, but there is always a way to adapt the diet depending on your needs. Drinking one cup of coffee a day never killed anybody, right? Check out stresclin complex uk if you want to lose weight. Here is how it works: 

    What Are the Rules? 

    A golden rule of the carnivore diet is eating only animal-based products and keeping them on zero carbs. You’ve already seen that we made a massive difference between low-lactose and high-lactose dairy products. If you stick to the meat, you’ll be totally fine, but your secret enemy is hiding in those dairy products. Even if they are allowed in small quantities, low-lactose dairy products contain certain levels of lactose, which is nothing else but sugar. Keep it to the minimum, and if you truly have to eat it, choose butter (0 carbs per oz), brie (0 carbs per oz), or heavy cream (0.83 carbs per oz). Too many carbs accumulated in your body can only lead to obesity. 

    The carnivore diet is highly restrictive, and it is low in fiber which might lead to consequences. For those who already have chronic diseases, high blood pressure, cholesterol, or a history of stroke, we can advise you to skip this diet. 

    What Are the Main Benefits of the Carnivore Diet? 

    People usually decide to go on a carnivore diet because they want to lose weight. Certain studies say that low-carb and high-protein diets might increase the weight loss process. This is mainly because proteins keep you full longer and increase your metabolic rate, helping you burn more calories. Also, entering the state of ketosis is much easier. In that state, your body will burn fat for fuel rather than carbohydrates. Depending on your goal, you can choose to eat zero carbs by consuming only meat, or you can decide to achieve ketosis by eating mainly fattier meat, eggs, and cheeses. 

    We heard from the weight loss clinic Chicago that some people lost more pounds on a carnivore regimen than any other diet. 


    Sometimes, eating one food group can be problematic. Limiting yourself to meat can cause low levels or a lack of essential nutrients such as vitamin E and vitamin C. Lacking fiber could cause serious health problems. If you have decided on this regimen, consult your doctor to prescribe you some supplements. For those who aren’t ready for this significant step but still want to lose weight fast, we can recommend lipo c injections.