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The Evolution of The Gambling Industry

    Gambling and gaming differ mostly in terms of skill. To win a game in gaming, you must need talent. However, to win a game of gambling, such as betting your money on, you must rely on your chances and luck.

    What is the history of gambling?

    Gambling has been played since before written history. One needs to travel back to the Paleolithic period. The first six-sided dice were made in Mesopotamia in 3000 BC. They were, however, based on astragali from thousands of years ago. 

    In the first millennium BC, gambling establishments were common in China. They started with betting on fighting animals. For those big fans of Lotto games and dominoes (forerunners of Pai Gow) were first played in China in the 10th century. In China, playing cards first appeared in the 9th century AD. Gambling has been recorded in Japan circa the 14th century.

    In Great Britain, gambling has been a famous major activity for a long time now. Its favorite theme is horseracing which was heavily regulated. Meantime, the same popularity goes with the United States. Many opposed it until the early 20th century. They still see this as illegal now, but more and more states are legalizing online gambling as time goes by.

    Evolution of Online Casino Games

    One of the exciting discoveries in 1994 was a type of gambling called online gaming which they found was a good replacement to the dice games. Gambling operators learned their revenue increased due to their betting sites and the online casino apps they have put online. Microgaming and 888 Holdings are some of the major gambling we have nowadays and they have escalated the manner of playing games compared to the traditional way of gambling.


    If you’re asking when Baccarat and Blackjack were first played, this was in the 1400s, with Italy and France as the first countries to play these two. Baccarat has improved a lot in terms of game flow as there is already a two-player game you all enjoy. 


    The casino game Blackjack is based on the Spanish game Veintiuna, which was immensely popular in the 1600s. The French games vingt-et-un and trente-un were also combined to create the American moniker “Blackjack.” To lure more players, many gaming companies introduced new products and incentives.


    You have Frenchman Blaise Pascal to thank for creating Roulette. This Roman’s game of chance was seen by him as something that could be upgraded in 1657. And his effort didn’t go to waste because, after 50 years, this was rebranded by the Europeans to allow one green zero.

    The ancient Romans used chariot wheels to disclose symbols and numerals in a game of chance. Except in America, where the original double-zero wheels format is still used, the single zero forms of the game are commonly obeyed when playing Roulette nowadays.


    In 1829, the next game to be invented was poker. Although Joseph Crowell was the first to record it in New Orleans, it is widely assumed that poker came from Poque, a French game. Poker became popular in the 1970s as a result of the international poker tournaments conducted in Las Vegas. Poker is now a casino game that anyone may play.

    Final Thoughts

    The internet has modified the way people gamble, play games, and gamble at casinos. Players can now bet on any of their favorite sporting events thanks to the development of mobile gambling and online casino gaming. 

    Players can also play roulette, slot machines, baccarat, poker, blackjack, and a variety of other games using their phones, tablets, computers, or any other device that can connect to the internet. Gaming, gambling, and casinos have a long and illustrious history. So if you want to have some fun and amusement, you can indulge in gambling and play casino games.