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The Health Benefits of Salt Lamps

    Salt lamps are truly an amazing thing to add in your home décor. Apart from offering you a break from traditionally styled lamps, salt lamps offer a number of health benefits. Salt lamps usually comprise upon a big block of salt in which a light source is placed. Salt lamps disperse a mild pinkish glow upon turning them on. This glow is because of the presence of minerals present in the salt block. You can find salt lamps from top interior décor brands in the market. Andlight also offers salt lamps for customers. Here are all the health benefits you can enjoy by using salt lamps in your home:

    Air purification:

    People having salt lamps in their homes report a significant degree of air purification inside their homes. Salt lamps are said to remove pollens, dust and other forms of airborne pollution from the indoor air. People who want to enjoy breathing in a cleaner and healthier air can use salt lamps in their home. Salt lamps are one of the cheapest, stylish and easiest ways of improving your indoor air quality for a better and healthy lifestyle.

    Eases allergy:

    Since ancient times, salt mines have been observed to have a positive impact on people suffering from allergies. People suffering from respiratory obstructions, allergies, and asthma can hugely benefit from the use of salt lamps. Although salt lamps cannot eradicate the symptoms of allergies and asthma from people’s lives, they can reduce the intensity of these symptoms to a significant degree. The reason as to why salt lamps are so efficient in easing allergy and asthma is the fact these lamps can actively purify air from dust, pollen and other forms of airborne allergens.


    Boost energy levels and Alleviate stress:

    Salt lamps have been observed to produce negative ions. The addition of these negative ions in the air, and then to the bloodstream helps in the production of serotonin. Serotonin is useful in alleviating stress levels and promoting feelings of relaxation and happiness among humans. Similarly, salt lamps can also help in tackling seasonal depression.

    Sound sleep:

    The major cause of sleep deprivation among inhabitants of a house is the presence of excessive electromagnetic radiations in the house. It has been scientifically proven that the presence of excessive electromagnetic radiations interferes with circadian rhythms and the sleep-wake cycle of the human body. Salt lamps work amazingly in reducing the level of electromagnetic radiations from the indoor environment. The reduction in these harmful radiations helps the inhabitants to enjoy a sound a peaceful sleep at night.

    Reduces skin diseases and eye irritation:

    Skin diseases such as eczema are caused by the increased levels of pollution and pollen in the indoor air. The eye irritation and erratic stress levels are also a result of increased static electricity in the atmosphere. Salt lamps help in reducing pollution from the air which reduces the intensity of skin allergies such as eczema. Salt lamps also reduce the levels of static electricity in the air which helps in reducing skin and eye irritation.