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The Heart Is the Engine and Require Quality Care from The Best Doctor

    Is it possible for a car to operate with a faulty engine? The answer is no. That applies to the human body that cannot function with a defective heart. Poor and unhealthy lifestyle has led to people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. When not well treated, the conditions may cause numerous deaths. The decision to choose the right cardiovascular doctor in Tomball can be daunting. However, at Cardiovascular Institute, P.A, you will find the best cardiovascular doctor with extensive experience and knowledge and offer the best treatment. Below is more information you need to know about cardiovascular diseases and therapy before booking an appointment.

    Various cardiovascular diseases

    Heart disease

    Heart disease is a condition that prevents adequate blood flow from the heart. The artery walls narrow due to some substance building up along the passage. These substances are likely to cause blood clots that block blood flow and lead to heart attack or stroke.

    Heart attack

    A heart attack occurs due to insufficient blood flow to a particular heart part due to a clot’s blockage. The clot bars blood from flowing to some heart muscles, which eventually die with time.


    When the blood vessels that supply blood to the brain have a blockage, they lead to a condition known as stroke. The prolonged blockage leads to the failure of some parts of the body that the brain controls.

    Heart failure

    Heart failure is a condition where the heart becomes weak and cannot supply blood to the entire body. The heart muscles are unable to pump enough oxygen and blood to all body parts.


    Arrhythmia is a condition where the heart functions abnormally. The heart may exhibit slow pulses, a condition known as bradycardia, or the pulses can accelerate to more than 100 pulses per minute, a condition known as tachycardia.

    Risk factors

    Cardiovascular diseases exhibit various risk factors that include;

    ·         Age-Age comes with different body conditions, and the most common is cardiovascular disease. Also, with advancing age, the vascular wall experience changes affecting its elasticity

    ·         Lack of body exercise can lead to problems such as ischemic heart disease

    ·         Consuming a diet with high fatty content poses a risk

    ·         Increased consumption of alcohol increases the risk

    ·         Smoking also increases the chances of a cardiovascular disease

    Way to prevent cardiovascular diseases

    ·         Limit alcohol consumption to the recommended daily limits

    ·         Maintain a healthy diet by reducing consumption of saturated fat and consuming energy giving food

    ·         Avoid smoking tobacco or even being a passive smoker

    Treatment depends on a specific type of cardiovascular disease. Some of the treatments include;

    ·         Surgery to repair damaged valves or remove blood clots

    ·         Control the blood sugar levels, which may cause high blood pressure.

    ·         Sleeping for the correct number of hours

    ·         Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly

    ·         Take medication that helps improve blood flow and heart rhythm regulation.

    ·         Attend lifestyle counseling  

    Cardiovascular diseases are a threat to people’s lives and, if not treated, can lead to severe consequences. Do not limit yourself from living a healthy life. You need to seek treatment to prevent serious life struggles. Call their office today or book an online appointment.