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The Most Common yet Subtle Signs of Hearing Loss You Should Know About

    Detection and prevention of hearing loss are essential to staying healthy. 

    Early signs of hearing loss are often overlooked or dismissed. It’s so important to be informed about the initial signs of hearing loss so that we can identify these signs and do something about it. 

    How would you know if you’re experiencing hearing loss? Here are ten signs that may tip you off that something is wrong with your hearing. 

    1. Hearing Muffled Speech

    When you’re having a conversation, does the person sound muffled? Hearing muffled speech and sounds is an early hearing loss symptom. 

    Do you often complain that people are mumbling? Perhaps they aren’t actually mumbling, but instead your hearing is going.

    You may also have a hard time telling the difference between some consonant sounds like f and s, or p and t. This can make following the flow of conversations a bit confusing.

    1. Repeat, Please

    Are you asking people to repeat more often than not? A sign of hearing loss is having people repeat again and again. 

    1. Certain Sounds Are Louder

    When your hearing begins to go, certain sounds may sound louder.  

    These sounds may even be painful to hear. This increased sensitivity to sound is due to a condition called hyperacusis. 

    1. Volume Up

    Are your loved ones constantly telling you that the TV is too loud? 

    You may be putting up the volume a bit too high because your hearing is starting to go. 

    It isn’t just your radio and television that is too loud, you may be too. Do your kids tell you to keep it down? You could think you’re talking at a normal volume but actually be yelling!

    1. Can’t Hear High-Pitched Sounds

    One of the signs of hearing loss is not being able to hear high-pitched sounds.

    If you can’t hear the beeping when the microwave timer is done or the backing up of a truck, you may want to get your hearing checked. 

    Sounds at a higher frequency are more difficult to hear for those with hearing loss. That can make women and children harder to hear.

    1. Ringing in Ears

    Hearing a ringing in your ears, known as tinnitus, is a sign you have hearing damage and possible loss. You can experience tinnitus after a loud concert or game, and it may go away. If it doesn’t go away or stays for a long time after noise exposure, it can be indicative of hearing loss. 

    1. No Noisy Places

    When you’re out eating dinner at your favorite pub do you have a hard time hearing other people? 

    Having trouble hearing conversations in noisy environments can be an early sign of hearing loss. You’re not alone. Statistics show that 360 million around the world have hearing loss in some form.

    1. A Favorite Ear

    In conversations with friends do you turn your head to the side so you can hear with your preferred ear? If so, consider going to the doctor to get your hearing examined.

    1. Exhausted After Social Interaction

    Do you feel another level of exhaustion after parties or social events?

    If you’re having trouble hearing, it can actually take extra energy out of you to process and digest the speech of others. 

    1. Trouble on Phone

    Can you hear me now? Not really.

    If you have the beginnings of hearing loss, you may have a hard time having phone conversations. Whether they aren’t loud enough or seem to be mumbling, you just can’t hear exactly right. 

    What To Do If You Have Signs of Hearing Loss?

    Being educated on the signs of hearing loss can help keep you aware of what to look out for.

    If you suspect hearing loss, go to your doctor immediately. They can help you access the resources you need. 

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