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The Most Wanted Features of a Reliable and Timesaving NEMT Scheduling App

    The Non-emergency medical transportation routing (NEMT) software delivers unified services for all categories of users, including patients, dispatchers, and drivers.

    RouteGenie provides RouteGenie provides a robust and comprehensive solution for NEMT companies wishing to optimize their everyday operations, obtain better outcomes quickly, and be cost-effective. Our non-emergency medical transportation scheduling app guarantees that anyone who utilizes it has a seamless experience with it.

    As the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted healthcare practices globally and forced us to adopt improvised methods and telemedicine, some medical appointments can only be conducted one on one at a medical facility.

    In such circumstances, it becomes necessary to utilize non-emergency medical transportation.

    The use of NEMT is common among private MCOs subscribed to a Medicare Advantage plan. Patients who do not have a working vehicle of their own or a valid driving license benefit from this service. Also, patients who have a physical disability that prohibits them from reaching their appointments, are also eligible.

    On the other hand, the dispatchers responsible for scheduling all NEMT transfers, trips, and driver commissioning also require an app, which is reliable, robust, intuitive, and economical.

    Intuitive medical transportation dispatch software with the right set of features can bridge communication gaps between the transportation workers and streamline the operation of providing NEMT which is imperative for deserving patients.

    The RouteGenie non-emergency medical transportation scheduling software incorporates an extensive list of features that benefit dispatchers and drivers alike, including registered patients:

    Features for Dispatchers: 

    • RouteGenie can assist dispatchers and contractors in building better itineraries by employing the least number of drivers and vehicles possible on any given day. RouteGenie identifies multi-load trips to reduce the work a driver would perform. Vehicle depreciation is also minimized in this manner.
    • RouteGenie also helps build a perfect driver schedule by identifying the size of the truck fleet required. Also, which of those trucks would need to be deployed.
    • RouteGenie can examine the probability of multiloading for each trip that is scheduled, in order to bring down vehicle utilization and driver work.
    • RouteGenie contributes to the establishment of effective pathways. The outcome of that is the driver saving gasoline. The overheads are bought down to a minimum because of the reduced number of miles for a driver.
    • RouteGenie software users can save costs this way because the same number of trips as before is completed with a lesser number of ambulances and trucks.
    • Punctuality is achieved, and the drivers are always on time due to the ability of RouteGenie to select appropriate start and end locations for each trip.
    • RouteGenie provides the ability to sync scheduling and dispatching. It finds the best vehicles for trips that are over-added or changed.

    Features for Drivers: 

    • The NEMT Driver app from RouteGenie facilitates the selected drivers of a trip. The drivers are able to communicate with the dispatchers constantly. If a driver needs to take a new route due to any unanticipated events, RouteGenie will configure it with its real-time communication feature.
    • RouteGenie enables paperless operations for NEMT providers and lets them automate their scheduling digitally. The workers involved in completing a trip no longer need to write down any details on paper.
    • The driver’s app receives continuous messages and updates from RouteGenie in real-time. The driver’s locations and activities are always up to date and available for a dispatcher to observe.
    • RouteGenie helps enhance the performance of the trip workers while boosting their profits. Because trip cancellations are kept minimal, 99.9% uptime is ensured because of the app.

    Features for Patients: 

    • Without a doubt, RouteGenie is one of the most singled out NEMT scheduling/medical transport dispatch software. It delivers a comfortable experience for the patients by saving their time and being cost-effective.
    • If a trip indicates a potential no-show, RouteGenie keeps it identified and confirmed before the vehicle gets dispatched. This saves the patient time, money, and sanity.
    • RouteGenie incorporates all factors of a passenger’s unique requirements. To guarantee that the most appropriate vehicle and driver are summoned. All necessary factors are taken into account including vehicle timetables, vehicle start locations, and much more.
    • Patients can rest assured that they will always receive the right NEMT vehicle on every call, as per their medical needs and requirements.

    Advantages of Choosing RouteGenie: 

    RouteGenie is a popular choice in the NEMT industry. It is regarded as one of the most efficient and cost-effective software solutions that cater to both large and small NEMT providers along with their employees, contractors, and app users.

    RouteGenie helps you to get rid of the hassle and anxiety of paper-based documentation and systems. Instead, RouteGenie saves you time by automating the process of creating the best routes and choosing appropriate vehicles.

    The RouteGenie software solution also eliminates the need for time-consuming manual routing. Instead, all such requirements are automated. This again saves on labor, time, and fuel.

    It’s available for deployment on all major digital platforms, including Cloud, SaaS, Web-based app, Android (Mobile), iPhone (Mobile), and iPad (Mobile).

    Last but not least, this NEMT software offers streamlined billing and payments. It shares digital invoices are sent to clients via email. These bills and payments can be converted into PDFs instantly through the software.


    A lack of reliable and inexpensive transportation is a serious obstacle to getting health care for millions of patients in the United States. Due to a lack of funds or transportation, millions of American patients, seniors, and disabled persons postpone or even have to miss their medical appointments.

    The availability of Non Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) software can actually be helpful, potentially improving health outcomes while also cutting medical expenses. 

    Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, most of us are forced to adopt improvised methods and telemedicine of sort or another. But still, some medical appointments require the patient to be present at the medical facility. As a result, patients can benefit greatly from NEMT and medical transportation dispatch software. Patients who are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, in particular.

    The purpose of the software solution provided by RouteGenie is to optimize the scheduling, routing, billing, and dispatching for dispatchers and drivers alike. In addition, to make the trip planning process as easy as possible.