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The perfect smile: How can you get it?

    Doesn’t matter if you are in a classroom, or attending a conference, or at a social gathering, some people tend to catch the attention of others quickly. What’s the main reason behind it? Their beautiful smile! A smile always plays an important part in making a person stand out from the rest. The person with a perfect smile is considered successful, attractive and youthful. These people are also excellent in whatever they do, owing to their level of confidence, they get more opportunities compared to others and they have a better social standing. Whereas an unhealthy, crooked and badly shaped smile looks unattractive and affects the appearance of a person. In comparison, these people have low levels of confidence and morale. A flawed smile contributes to aging quickly and could also cause health issues like the pain in the jaws, chronic headaches, and snoring.  

    Special care and dedication are necessary all through your life to have a beautiful smile. You cannot neglect your dental hygiene and expect your smile to be perfect. You need to brush your teeth and floss it at least twice a day. It would be perfect if you could do it after each meal which could reduce gum diseases and tooth decay quite significantly. You could make this a routine by practicing it daily and make sure you visit your dentist at regular intervals to assess your dental health.

    Some of the major problems affecting your smile

    Protruding front teeth

    Protruding front teeth is a major setback to a person’s appearance.

    Teeth that are asymmetrical

    When the lower and upper teeth do not match, your teeth are likely to show even when your mouth is closed. This situation also affects your smile and appearance.

    Crowding of teeth

    This is a situation when a person’s jaw is narrow and there isn’t enough space to accommodate all the teeth.

    Open bite

    This is an opening between the lower and upper teeth when it is clenched affecting your appearance.


    In this case, the lower teeth are too far forward, and the upper teeth are backward and this needs to be fixed by an orthodontist to improve the smile and overall appearance of a person.

    The spacing between the teeth

    At times, due to a missing tooth or for some other reasons, gaps come in between a person’s teeth which affect the smile and causes a person to be unattractive.

    Impacted teeth

    There are times when an adult tooth emerges from the gum partially and this results in an unattractive smile.

    Malocclusion or bad bite

    Malocclusion could be the result of thumb sucking or due to an injury to the facial bones or teeth. This condition results in a flaw in the two dental arches and the teeth could be misaligned or crooked.

     The role of orthodontics in improving your smile

    A specialized branch in dentistry is used to improve the facial appearance of a person, treat the improper positioning of teeth in a person, treat and control the development and the shape of a person’s jaw, and the different kinds of facial growth. The orthodontist can improve your smile by taking care of certain issues.

    1. Alignment of the teeth
    2. Teeth that are crooked are straightened
    3. The gap between the teeth are closed
    4. Improvement of oral function (eating and speech)
    5. Prevention of trauma and wear of teeth
    6. Improving the health of teeth and gums
    7. The improper bite is treated

    How can you fix your smile?

    Both removable and fixed appliances of different types are used to move one’s teeth, for the growth and development of jaws and to retrain the facial muscles. The appliances function by applying a gentle pressure on the patient’s jaws and teeth. The orthodontists at will assess the severity of the dental problem you have and decide on what’s the best approach to fix the issue that you have and improve your smile.

    Different kinds of braces, space maintainers that are fixed and specifically fixed appliances are some of the fixed appliances that are used to correct one’s smile. The appliances that are removable and which are used to correct the defect in a person’s smile and facial appearances are appliances for jaw repositioning, space maintainers that are removable, aligners, removable retainers, cheek and lip bumpers, palatal expanders and headgear. Your perfect smile can give a wonderful first impression. Studies have proven that a person with a beautiful smile has better levels of confidence and self-morale. Get your smile fixed today.