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The Proven Health Benefits of CBD Oil

    You’ve probably heard that CBD can cure all manner of illnesses, from pain, anxiety and even acne. But although this is true, most people still don’t understand CBD, comparing it to marijuana. It is important to note however, that CBD is only one of the many components of marijuana and lacks the psychoactive properties that you’ll find in THC, another compound in marijuana.

    Although it is still early days in CBD research, so far results have been very promising. In the past CBD research has been derailed by government regulations surrounding the growth and production of marijuana. But research around CBD has increased, revealing that the compound may be beneficial in the following ways;

    Treatment of Epilepsy and Seizures

    The FDA has approved a CBD-based drug to treat seizures. This is a huge step that supports the fact that CBD is an effective treatment for seizures and also making a natural treatment available to those who need it.

    Treatment of Anxiety and Mood Disorders

    CBD has also been proven a very effective anxiolytic and even anti-depressant. Studies have shown that CBD oil can be very helpful in combating social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorders. Many patients with social anxiety reported a significant reduction in the symptoms when they tool 300 to 600mg of CBD. Unlike most other antidepressants or anxiety medications, CBD is less likely to cause side effects of withdrawal symptoms.

    Treatment of Psychosis

    CBD has also been known to help patients with psychosis, with some doctors even calling it a legitimate antipsychotic. This is proven by recent research that suggests CBD may have similar atypical antipsychotic drugs. The study was conducted on animals, but is promising and suggests that CBD may actually be a great treatment for conditions like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and similar illnesses.

    Treatment of Insomnia

    If you are suffering from lack of sleep, you may want to consider CBD oil to treat your insomnia. Studies have shown that a small amount of CBD may help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. In a particular study conducted in 2013, CBD oil at bedtime improved the sleep time in rat. It is however worth noting that that the same study did find that too much CBD oil can cause insomnia and jitteriness.

    Treatment of Inflammation

    CBD is also a great treatment for inflammation a can alleviate both internal and muscular inflammation. You are however advised to take CBD oil orally for the treatment of inflammation. This is because the research on the effectiveness of topical applications is still inconclusive. There are some doctors who say that it is impossible for CBD to permeate the layers of the skin and sink to the muscles.

    Pain Management

    Several studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of CBD as a pain killer. Some of these studies suggest that CBD oil may be more effective that opioids without the potential addiction associated with many conventional pain killers. In one study, patients on opioids substituted them for CBD oil and the majority claimed that cannabis provided the same relief they got from their medications without the unwanted side effects. In addition, CBD has also been proven to be effective treatment arthritis in animals.

    Treatment for Skin Ailments

    Because of its anti-inflammatory qualities, CBD has been linked to the prevention and treatment of skin ailments like acne. It limits inflammation in the sebum-producing glands of the skin, thereby preventing the over production and sebum. It works better than other acne-fighting solutions.