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The Reasons for Seeing a Dentist for Same-Day Crowns

    Of all the commonly performed dental procedures, same-day crown placements top the list. Whether you have decayed, damaged, or cracked teeth, Glendale same day crown services will help improve your smile’s appearance. So, if the thought of going for multiple dental visits sends chills down your spine, you can rely on the same day appointments to fix your damaged tooth. Here are some interesting facts about same-day crowns that you probably did not know.

    Facts about same-day crowns

    A same-day crown is a popular restorative dentistry procedure that is conducted at Alta Canyada Dental Group for people with cracked, damaged, or decayed teeth. Other benefits include:

    They work almost immediately

    Unlike traditional crowns, same-day crowns function right away. They not only improve the appearance of your smile, but they also restore your eating functions. You need to use your teeth almost immediately. After your visit, you can look forward to performing your oral tasks such as chewing, smiling, and speaking right away.

    Dental Putty is out of the question

    What is the worst that can happen when your dentist places dental crowns that do not fit you? Of course, you will be uncomfortable and experience more pain than you anticipated. Fortunately, same-day crowns rely on digital mapping that prevents you from having to deal with dental putty. To be honest, the taste of putty is not pleasing at all.

    Protects the rest of your existing teeth

    You have probably heard about a decayed tooth spreading an infection to the rest. But that is not the case with same-day crowns. Since they do not need drilling, more of your existing tooth will be preserved.

    Same-day crown procedures promote comfort

    Most people with dental problems are likely to get anxiety attacks because of the painful stories they may have heard about these procedures. However, these types of crowns rely on CAD-CAM technology. This allows dentists to customize a restoration that fits correctly and comfortably. During the procedure, the dentist takes digital impressions to allow your dental crown to be exact and make the entire process more enjoyable.


    For traditional crowns, patients may be required to make multiple visits for purposes of monitoring their progress. That alone portrays traditional crowns as costlier than same-day crowns. You will not have to foot extra costs related to an additional appointment or temporary crown with the latter. Once the deal is done, you can go about your normal routine without worrying about your tooth.

    See a dentist for same-day crowns

    If you do not have the time and need immediate restoration or loathe the idea of making multiple visits to your dentist for a temporary crown, consider going for same-day crowns. Not only are they effective, but they have proven to be the most affordable restorative solution in dentistry. If you have been battling with bruxism and jaw clenching, your dentist may recommend that you get metal or porcelain-made crowns. To learn more about how this restorative dentistry procedure can benefit you, schedule an appointment today.