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The right way vs the wrong way to stop smoking cigarettes

    Tobacco addiction has become one of the most alarming issues globally in this day and age. Most of the smokers want to quit this habit because it’s harming their health, breathing, their wealth and even their relationships with family members or friends. Smoking used to be an act of rebellion, but now the social stigma around it increases by the minute. Non-smokers can’t and won’t stand the smell of cigarettes. Also, most restaurants, cafes, and bars that do not allow smoking anymore.

    The health and the social stigma are only a few of the countless reasons to stop smoking. Some other things you will gain by quitting cigarettes is living a longer life, setting a good example for your children or grandchildren, having more energy and endurance, looking younger and feeling in control of your life.

    There is no doubt in the degree of difficulty smokers encounter quitting this habit, but it is not impossible.

    In fact, over 1.3 million smokers every year get rid of smoking cigarettes. An individual can overcome this addiction with mental and physical preparation over a consistent period.

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    The wrong way to quit

    There are millions of victims out there who can’t quit smoking cigarettes. One of the primary reasons behind their failure is the ways they have adopted on how to stop smoking. Usually, smokers wait for the perfect moment to quit. But the reality is, the perfect time never comes, and it gets too late. Having such approach is dangerous. Instead, it is imperative for nicotine addicts to create the ideal moment themselves. Mental preparation is critically important before getting into the actual routine.

    In fact, the society is heading towards a negative route in this context. Many teenagers are engaged in this habit as a result of showing off to their peers. Those who are already victimized, find shame in quitting this habit. As teens grow to become adults, they receive criticism from family, friends, colleagues and many times even strangers for not stopping.

    Shaming and feeling guilty is another wrong way to quit. Guilt triggers more negative feelings which the smoker seeks to eliminate through smoking. If you are looking forward to stopping cigarettes, then get rid of all negative emotions, starting from the same and the guilt. Ask your loved ones to support you and help you find right ways to quit.

    It is also important not to rely on nicotine-based substitutes like gums, patches or electronic cigarettes because they would further keep you addicted to nicotine and prolong the addiction. Moreover, products like these tend to make it easier for you to go back to smoking because they contain nicotine or you could potentially remain addicted to the nicotine substitutes.

    The right way to quit

    If one really wants a solution on how to stop smoking cigarettes, then here are some right ways to do so. Following them would help quit naturally and successfully.

    First of all, it is vital to make a firm and dedicated decision about quitting smoking. That’s is the initial step every smoker needs to take. Remain persistent with your choices and do not let any external factors have an impact. Find reasons to quit. Keep reviewing the reason why you initially decided to give up on this deadly habit. Convince yourself of these reasons, and you are good to go.

    As mentioned above, it is essential to resort to natural methods rather than artificial ones so you can allow your body heal naturally, restore back to health and expel the addictive nicotine from your body.

    Most of the nicotine will be out of your system four days after smoking your last cigarette. And within three weeks you be nicotine free.

    To speed up the healing process, engage in natural and healthy activities like exercise and yoga to divert your attention towards productive things. Also, intake healthy diet that would help to heal your body internally. That way you will also avoid putting on weight after kicking the habit which will make you feel stronger and more empowered and energetic.

    Once your body is used to a healthy routine, it would automatically feel like quitting smoking cigarettes.


    If you have followed steps on how to stop smoking cigarettes and failed before, then the reason is that you tried to quit the wrong way which made it hard for you to give up cigarettes. Another possibility is you didn’t dedicate enough time and persistence, or you didn’t seek out for help and support. There’s no reason to feel disheartened. Every unsuccessful quit smoking attempt is an opportunity to learn. If you want to quit smoking cigarettes easily, then use the right way to do it. In other words, make a responsible decision to quit, be crystal clear about your reasons to let go of this habit and then go on and quit naturally. Plan each and everything the right way, and you will experience success.