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The Simple Effectiveness Of Jelqing Exercises

    Jelqing is a practice of stimulating the male phallus with the aim of increasing its size and at times with the aim of better performance as well.  There are instances when this approach has helped people reach the aim of bigger size to the member and the final results are varying as to form a strong basis to judge the very effectiveness of the Jelqing exercises.  

    Quite unlike the masturbation, the act of Jelqing is not aimed at providing pleasure but to better the size of the male member.  It should be taken seriously enough to be of benefit to the practitioner and never as an avenue for pleasure.


    The reasons why the size can be increased with Jelqing

    Take any muscle or muscle group in the body and it would be evident that it does increase in size with use or exercise.  This is the very nature of human body and indeed with most other members of the animal kingdom. Exercise can be used effectively to increase the size of muscles and often people that do not use a particular body part or muscle tends to lose muscle mass too.

    Now, the effectiveness of exercise on people is rather subjective.  That is, it varies with each individual. So the same set of exercise with two individuals tends to produce varying effects.  Another aspect to the exercise regimen is the intensity of the exercises. It is possible to have a very intense workout while at the same time lowering the time spent in the activity.  When the right balance is had in the intensity as well as the duration of exercises, the best results are achieved.

    So what needs to be noted is that each person has his own nature to content with and there is no ready formula to bring forth results and this is true of the Jelqing activity as well.  


    The simple Jelqing steps

    It must be mentioned from the very beginning that there is no single manner to carry out Jelqing exercises.  The best results are when the strict form of exercise is varied to the individual.  But there is a broad structure to the activity and it is best to start off by following the strict form.

    Jelqing is done by gripping the penis in the palm and just using a pumping action to make the member firm.  The most effective steps are when the phallus is kept in the erect form for the most time and the duration of the holding period should be arrived at by practice.  Often the proponents of the exercise would tend to stress the need to use a pulling action on the member. But this is a matter of personal preference and the person should be left the liberty to find out what works with the individual. Some others claim that phallosan forte aslo works great in this case. You can see phallosan forte results pictures here.

    With any form of exercise, the best results are when the activity is carried on for a sufficiently long time.  This should apply to the Jelqing activity as well. One of the hard parts to using Jelqing is the lack of publicly available data to make a proper comparison.  But if the exercise does produce results with a person then it should be continued on, till the final aim is achieved.


    The need to maintain minimum hygiene

    Any form of exercise is bound to increase the perspiration in the area and this would hold well with the Jelqing exercises too.  Thus it would be advised to follow a minimum cleanliness in the general pubic area. Any uneasiness must be handled right and proper attention paid to it.  

    It is general hygiene to have the hair in the area trimmed and if possible to have it completely removed.  Often people tend to use some sort of oil or lubrication to the activity. Care must be taken to remove all traces of the lubricant after the act and it must be said that there are water soluble gels that makes the cleaning process easier.  


    The important part played by the diet

    Ask any sports person and they would tell that the exercises are just half the part to a good build.  The second part and an equally important one is the diet that is being followed. This is an area that needs attention when performing the Jelqing exercises.  Some food materials tend to help the body grow and then there are those food constituents that help the muscle groups to recover and recoup. It is important to have a healthy and balanced diet at all times.  


    The need to provide rest to the muscles

    As important as the exercise is to a muscle, equally important is the need for rest as well.  It is during the times of rest that the muscle repairs and builds on the progress had so far. Few people realize the importance of rest between the exercises and this is the main reason that the growth of a muscle hits a flat or plateau at times.  

    When undergoing intense exercises, it is important to have sufficient sleep. Sleep acts on the physical body as well as the mind.  Being sleep deprived is the sure way of having a stunted growth and this would apply to the Jelqing exercises too.


    Are the Jelqing exercises effective?

    It must be said that there are no reports of a systematic study on the effectiveness of the Jelqing methods to increase the size of the male sex organ.  Often the very subjective nature of the exercises in that each person tends to react differently to the stimulation, makes this very hard to draw conclusions to say the least.

    But with most exercises, the fact that it does contribute to the increased size of the body part must be taken note.  Thus it would follow that the size of the phallus should increase too with the proper stimulation and exercise.