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The Surprising Benefits of Sleeping on Cooling Mattresses

    Cooling mattresses are one of the most innovative inventions of recent years. These high-quality furnishings solve a common problem faced by many consumers: getting overheated at night. The materials used to manufacture these mattresses also come with other benefits, such as breathability and eco-friendly materials.


    If you’ve been considering a cooling mattress, wonder no more. Here are some of the main health and lifestyle benefits of sleeping on a cooling mattress. 


    Better Sleep Quality


    Many people aren’t aware of how often their sleep is disrupted throughout the night. One of the core elements of creating an ideal sleep environment is a cooler temperature— that’s why many thermostats have automatic cooling periods during the night. 


    Getting overheated can disrupt your natural sleep cycles, reducing your overall sleep quality throughout the night. As sleep plays such a critical role in hormonal regulation, metabolism, and immunity, the importance of deep, restorative sleep cannot be understated. 


    It’s a common myth that people who tend to run cool shouldn’t use a cooling mattress. However, it’s still possible to get warm and cozy by wrapping up in blankets. The cooling mattress won’t make you cold; it just won’t absorb and radiate your body heat.


    Lower Air Conditioning Bill


    If you struggle to fall asleep in the summer and need the air conditioning on full blast, a cooling mattress will pay for itself in dividends. Invest in a cooling mattress, and you won’t need a fan blasting at your bed, or air conditioning turned on high. As a result, your power bill will be lower. 


    There are numerous factors that impact how much it costs to run your air conditioner each month. However, around $100 per month is a fair estimate. If you live in a warmer climate, you could use your air conditioning for six months a year. Even cutting that consumption down by 25% could save you hundreds of dollars. 


    Multiply those savings by the extended lifespan of your mattress (cooling foam is significantly more durable than traditional mattresses), and you’ll come to understand how it ultimately pays for itself.  

    Less Motion Transfer


    Another benefit to cooling mattresses is that their innovative construction makes them less susceptible to motion transfer. That means, when your partner tosses and turns throughout the night or gets up for an early morning shift, you can sleep soundly without disruption. 


    This fantastic feature stems from the use of foam in most cooling mattress models. You can find more info here @ US-Mattress.


    Less Heat Transfer


    If you tend to get overheated during the night, chances are your partner has felt the effects as well. The radiating heat is caused by low-quality materials or synthetic materials that lack breathability. With a cooling mattress, you’re less likely to get overheated from your partner’s body heat.


    Parents, in particular, find this feature to be incredibly beneficial. If you have a toddler who likes to sneak into your bed at night or a big dog who likes to snuggle, the lack of heat transfer can help everyone rest a little easier.

    Helps Reduce Night Sweats


    Night sweats are a common issue for many people, especially when surrounded by synthetic fabrics. Middle-aged women often start experiencing insomnia from hormonal disruptions, which can go hand-in-hand with night sweats.


    The cooling technology in these mattresses can help reduce the occurrence of night sweats. Furthermore, many of the natural materials used (copper, for example) have antimicrobial properties that keep your mattress clean and fresh when sweating occurs. 


    This effect not only makes for a healthier sleep environment but healthier skin as well. Less sweat sitting on the skin can help prevent body acne and boost one’s self-esteem.


    Less Snoring


    Some studies have shown a correlation between apnea-related snoring and temperature. In some scenarios, people with obstructive sleep apnea were able to sleep better and deeper in a cooler environment. Further studies showed that snorers were influenced by their ambient surroundings. For many people, the potential for less snoring is reason enough to buy a cooling mattress.


    While the studies evaluated room temperature in relation to snoring, there’s another important fact to consider: gel-based joint support and alignment. By having a medium-firm bed with cooling technology, snorers will have better alignment and less airway obstruction, enhancing the anti-snoring effects.


    Purchasing a high-quality mattress is one of the best investments you can make for your health. Better sleep means improved longevity, productivity, and happiness.