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The Top Things You Should Look Out For When Seeking A Reliable Detox Center

    Did you know one in eight Americans struggles with abusing alcohol? If you’re struggling with addiction, consider seeking professional treatment.

    Are you wondering how to find a reliable detox center? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over what to look for in a detox center and what to avoid.

    Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out.

    Does the Center Offer the Resources You Need?

    Most people who have a substance use disorder also suffer from anxiety or depression.

    If you also have other health issues, find out if the rehab center can offer the specific kind of support you’ll need. Can they deal with a dual-diagnosis? Call the facility and ask more about the resources available.

    Does the Rehab Center Use Medication?

    Do you want the option to take prescription medication to help treat drug dependency? Call and see if the center offers this or not.

    Some centers will offer medication, while others follow the abstinence model. Methadone and naltrexone have been helpful for heroin addicts.

    How Long Has the Center Been Around?

    You’re going to want to find a detox center that’s been in business for a while. This shows that the center has maintained a level of success in helping people.

    If it’s a newer facility, they might still be a good option, but research beforehand. You can ask to speak to someone who has been through their program if you like the center.

    A Luxurious Center Isn’t Always the Best

    Rehab can range from costing a few thousand dollars each month to over $60,000. The high-end programs will cost between $50-70,000 each month.

    The middle range’s around $25-35,000. Most inpatient programs cost a few thousand dollars to $20,000 a month.

    Research the center and find out what will meet your needs and budget.

    Guaranteed Success at Rehab Centers

    If any detox centers share on their website or in person that they can guarantee success, stay away.

    No one can guarantee success for anyone struggling with addiction. Everyone’s different and has a unique treatment plan. Consider looking for a facility that includes a 12-step model.

    Find out the Staff’s Credentials

    You want to head to a detox center that has many skilled and trained individuals. Find out what kind of training the therapists, doctors, and nurses have received.

    Most facilities will display the credentials of their staff. Get treatment from health professionals who have experience dealing with addiction.

    Is the Rehab Program Accredited?

    Most addiction treatment centers go through a process of accreditation. They also have to meet state licensure rules. Accredited centers have undergone rigorous evaluation by a third-party organization.

    An accredited program gets held to a higher standard than state licensing requirements. These programs use best practices during addiction therapy treatments.

    If the center isn’t accredited, consider looking for a different facility.

    Various Financing Options

    Centers will help you determine coverage options according to your insurance provider. The treatment center might also offer a few different payment options.

    You could pay once a month or get a graduated payment plan. They might also offer sliding scale payments or scholarships.

    Individualized Treatment Plans

    Ask if the treatment center can provide treatment specific to your needs. Find a center that will examine your condition and follow up with a personalized plan. Make sure they take into consideration your network and personal stressors.

    Quality treatment addresses different facets of addiction. This can include psychological, medical, and social issues.

    If the facility takes a one-size will fit approach, you’ll want to look for another option.

    Life Skills Training

    The goal is for you to live your life to the fullest after the program ends. To reintegrate with success to the outside world, you’ll need to develop life skills.

    These skills will help you cope with tricky social situations and daily stresses. Most centers will go through financial management, life skills coaching, and job hunting.

    People can get the tools and knowledge they need to live on their own after treatment. Some staff will also teach skills like how to meal prep and cook or how to address debt.

    Family Counselling

    Addiction can affect and take a toll on an entire family unit. Relationships can contribute to people’s substance abuse and maladaptive behaviors. Most centers will aim to integrate your close network during the treatment.

    A quality treatment will provide resources to help your whole family unit heal. Everyone will gain a stronger understanding of addiction and different substance use disorders.

    Therapy will address unhealthy dynamics that can contribute to lying and secret-keeping. In a therapeutic setting, you all can share things you might not have at home.

    If you want family therapy alongside treatment, look for centers that offer this.

    Planning for After the Program

    Most treatments include an aftercare plan. This could include individual therapy or group therapy appointments. Some people will go to a formal sober living environment.

    Others will continue outpatient treatment and attend 12-step programs.
    A reliable center will have this aspect included in their treatment. Ask to learn more about the facility’s aftercare plan.

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    Now You Know How to Find a Reliable Detox Center

    We hope this guide on detox centers was helpful. Now that you have these tips start searching for a local reliable detox center.

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