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The Ultimate Guide to Facial Reconstruction

    facial reconstruction surgery

    Injury to your face, as in the case of soldiers during war or the surgical removal of cancerous moles on your eyelids, face, or lips are just some of the instances where you may need to see an ocular and facial plastic surgeon. The scars left behind when cancerous tissue, for example, are usually unappealing and that’s why a practice known as Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery led by Dustin Heringer, MD, specializing in facial reconstruction in Scottsdale, Peoria, and Phoenix, Arizona, is the best bet when it comes to getting your natural looks back.

    Meet Dr. Heringer

    Dr. Heringer is one of the few board-approved oculofacial plastic and cosmetic surgeons. He practices at Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery, based in Scottsdale, Peoria, and Phoenix, Arizona. At the practice, Dr. Heringer uses his skills in ocular and facial plastic surgery to give his customers a natural look they desperately aspire to have.

    Dr. Heringer graduated with the highest distinction at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. He went on to graduate with a degree in medicine at the University of North Dakota. The medical school honors received by Dr. Heringer include the North Dakota Medical Association Scholars Award, the Dr. Stanley J. Brumleve Award in Physiology, and the McGraw-Hill Award in biochemistry, among others.

    After completing his medical degree, Dr. Heringer went on to finish two fellowships in cosmetic and plastic surgery. Having performed over 1,300 cosmetic surgeries, Dr. Heringer become specialized in some of the latest techniques in facial reconstruction such as:

    •   Injectable fillers
    •   Lasers
    •   Skin rejuvenation
    •   Cosmetic facial surgery

    If you are looking for a reliable ocular and facial plastic surgeon, call Dr. Heringer today and regain confidence for yourself or your loved one.

    Facial Reconstruction: What You May Have Missed

    After undergoing the removal of cancerous cells on your eyelids and face, scars may be left behind, making you lose the confidence to go outside and meet people. The scars are caused by lesions caused by the surgical removal of cancerous cells.

    You need not worry anymore because Dr. Heringer offers you customized treatment for your condition and guidelines after the operation to ensure the best results are attained to get your original appearance back.

    2 Techniques Commonly Used in Facial Reconstruction

    When you visit Dr. Heringer at Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery, he will use two techniques to carry out facial reconstruction, and they include:

    1.     Skin grafting

    Skin grafting involves removing healthy skin from a section of the body and suturing it in the face section with a lesion/scar. Dr. Heringer ensures that the size of the piece of skin matches the scar before carrying out the grafting.

    1.     Flap techniques

    Flap technique involves cutting a piece of healthy skin complete with blood vessels and covering the scar with it. The technique is useful because the skin retains its original blood supply.

    Eyelid reconstruction: What You Need to Know

    Due to eyelids’ delicate nature, scarring is bound to happen after surgery to remove cancer or moles is performed. Dr. Heringer uses a form of surgery to remove cancer or moles from the eyelids known as Mohs surgery, which causes minimal damage to the eyelid.

    However, you may still need eyelid reconstruction after Mohs surgery since scarring will still be present. At Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery, you can rely on Dr. Heringer to do a quality job.

    How to Know You are a Good Candidate for Facial Reconstruction

    Before embarking on the face reconstruction procedure, Dr, Heringer has to assess a few things which include:

    •   If you generally have good health
    •   If you want to restore your facial appearance
    •   If there are no more cancer cells in the target regions
    •   If you stop smoking for some period before and after the operation

    If all the above factors are considered, you are then ready for facial reconstruction. Call the office today or book an appointment online at Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery and get your confidence back!