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The Ultimate Short and Sweet Self-Care Guide of 2020

    Saying no doesn’t make you mean, it makes you mindful of your own health and well-being. It’s okay to say “I” and “me” sometimes and then follow them up with action.

    A good self-care guide is a great place to start.

    Taking care of yourself actually makes you more productive. When you slow down, you take the time to refocus on what matters. Self-care invokes self-compassion. People tend to ignore their own pain or be over-critical towards themself.

    Caring for yourself releases compassion into your own life. You assign empathy towards yourself when you fail or fall short of a goal.

    Are you looking for some tips on how to take better care of yourself in 2020? Check out this self-care guide for some fresh ideas!

    1. Focus on Your Health

    Health has to do with more than eating an apple a day and walking for 30 minutes, it’s about overall wellbeing. Your psychological and spiritual health matter as well.

    Set aside 20 minutes a day to focus on you.

    Plug your earbuds in, blast your top five favs and go for a brisk walk. Close your laptop and color a page in a coloring book. Sounds childish, but those childhood favorite things work as great de-stressors.

    Shut everything down and find a quiet place. Pray or meditate on positive aspirations. Better yet, take a power nap.

    2. Every Self-Care Guide Has a Planned Play Date

    You read that right. Adults have best friends just like children and they deserve playtime.

    Call your bestie up and plan lunch in the park. Visit some of your favorite shops at the local strip mall. Throw caution to the wind and catch an afternoon matinee.

    Top the day off with a mani and pedi or a couple of rounds golf on the course. Also, escape rooms are the new crave. Test out your bestie’s adventure skills and clue your way out of a locked room. The mystery and fun should strengthen your friendship and brainpower.

    The added plus? Having a social life reminds you to take a break and do something you like.

    3. Say No!

    If you wear more than one hat, it’s easy to get caught up caring about everyone else’s needs. Redirect your “yeas’ and “nays”.

    Learn how to say no to everyone else and yes to you.

    In business or in your personal life, saying no puts you back in control of your life. You redeem the time to do what matters to you. Even if it’s a spring cleaning chore like carpet cleaning, no opens the door to time to get it done.

    Everything you’ve put on hold to care for the needs of others gets its fair share of minutes.

    Don’t be afraid to ask what have you done for me lately.

    Take Care of Yourself

    Overall health and well-being start with self-care. If you don’t care for yourself, burn out and mental fatigue is inevitable.

    Use this self-care guide as a step in the right direction to taking care of you.

    Want to learn more about mental health? Read our guide and get on the path to superior health and wellness.