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The Words That Hypnotize: 7 Traits the Most Hypnotic Speakers Have in Common

    There are some speakers that can hypnotize their audience, even if it is one or two people, with the way they say things, not with what they say. They practice using a calm voice and use the same carefully chosen words, just as you might find on a set of self hypnosis downloads tracks.

    When you listen to the orators, remember, all hypnotic speakers have these 7 traits in common:

    1. Confidence

    Confidence in themselves is the most important and number one quality a hypnotist must have. His or her certainty that the words they are saying are going to impact the audience actually gives the words a “force”.

    Anyone who speaks with confidence has a better chance of getting their point across, swaying individuals over to their side and command attention more so than those people who are obviously scared and lack confidence.

    1. Fearlessness

    A hypnotic speaker is fearless. His or her words are strong and direct, decisive and sharp. There is no room for timidness or apprehension in their voice.

    The speaker keeps his or her voice at a level tone, only placing inflections on certain words and only at a slightly higher level as not to be noticed except by the subconscious.

    1. Prepared

    A speaker that is prepared with a strong voice is a success. Hypnosis is unpredictable and the speaker must be prepared for anything the audience throws at them.

    Maintaining a level of calmness and the illusion of being prepared for whatever is said, is a real talent. This is also known as thinking on your feet.

    1. Purposiveness

    Metaphysically and psychologically, thoughts have power. Metaphysically, thoughts have the power to affect the outcome of what is spoken. Psychologically, the subconscious picks up nonverbal and verbal cues from the hypnotic speaker and will proceed accordingly.

    1. Shared Common Ground

    When a speaker can make his or her speech both extremely personal and intimate at the same time, with a wide variety of people in attendance, that is magic. And then the speaker transforms the larger picture into something small and relate-able, they are at the top of their game.  

    1. Communicative

    The hypnotic speaker is deft at creative language and they deploy a mountain of rhetorical devices, like metaphors and Epistrophe (repeating words or phrases), to paint their speech with vivid imagery. Their words bring to life whatever the subject is and it stays alive and kicking in the air surrounding the audience.

    1. Body Language

    The use of the speaker’s hands and other body language is nearly as important as what the individual is saying. The hands can be used to emphasize something, but not to “thrash” around. Other body languages, such as a good posture and a casual, yet firm walk, can also impact what the speaker is saying.

    Many people are afraid of public speaking, however, a person that implements these simple traits, together with a combination of context and delivery is what makes a great hypnotic speaker.