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These 7 Things Will Help You Make your First trip with an Infant Amazing!

    So, you need a holiday after that pain and tough time? Are you planning a vacation with your newborn? Congratulations, you are soon going to enter into the exciting yet scary world of ‘Family Travel’!


    But, you know what the most interesting part of traveling with infants is? Unlike toddlers, they don’t complain about things, you don’t have to run behind them, they don’t need a full-size bed, and they don’t need a separate plane ticket.

    Taking your first adventure with a baby is a big deal, filled with lots of nervousness, excitement and the gigantic checklist. If you are into this, these seven things will help you make your trip less cumbersome and easier:


    Documents and passport:


    It would look unimportant to have legal documents for someone who don’t even know how to crawl, you would need official papers like passport, especially when you are flying overseas. If you are flying with the baby with whom you don’t have any biological relation, do carry


    your relation proof. You can get anything like the baby’s birth certificate, written consent from your child’s biological parents, or any other identity.


    Book the right seat:


    Are you purchasing a separate seat for your baby? If so, bring the baby’s car seat with you. However, if you are going to hold your baby on the trip, make sure you pick a comfortable seat. When making check-in, do tell the authorities that you have a baby, and you would need a middle seat.


    Pack all the stuff:


    If you are sharing your seat with the baby, don’t forget the baggage restrictions. Failing which, you might end up paying more for all additional luggage. Also, do check that you have:


    • Diapers: You would need a full load of diapers; so get one for every hour of the transit and some extras. You can also get free baby stuff, in case you get short of diapers.


    • A Changing Pad: Trying to change your baby’s diaper while traveling can be very arduous, and can easily get out of hand. So, keep a reusable changing pad to help you change with ease.


    • Disposable Bags: Dirty clothes, burped bibs, used diapers and other used stuff, all need one common place, away from the clean things. So, get disposable bag for those things.


    • First Aid Bag: Make a separate baby first-aid kit and put things like lotion, creams, painkillers, and other important ointments it. You can also keep the baby’s general medicines and other common medicines for cold, diarrhea, etc.


    Bottled milk:


    You might be using formula or breast milk for your infant, but what if you are in a situation where you cannot breastfeed comfortably? Carry a separate bottle to feed your baby for such situations. This will also help you at the time where your baby gets need food more frequently.


    Don’t forget the baby’s entertainment:


    Whether you are traveling by train, boat or plane, your baby will feel bored and might cry after some time. So, don’t forget to bring your infant’s entertainment supplies like toys and books with you. Bring things that keep them busy and entertained.


    Get the baby’s food:


    Don’t forget your baby’s food, especially when you are traveling to a country that is known for its foodborne diseases. Instead of packing the stockpile of supplies, keep instant formulas to feed your baby quickly.


    Carry a baby stroller:


    Carry lightweight strollers for short trips, however, for large trips or the destinations that include a lot of sightseeing, bring a full-size stroller.


    Little travel munchkins require a surprising amount of stuff, so do pack all the essential things. Also, research your destination thoroughly to see if they offer any travel advisory. Traveling with little, cute peanut is not as scary as it looks, all it needs is some extra planning and quick preparation!