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Things to Know Before Getting Lip Fillers Brisbane

    Full lips have always been beautiful, sensual and synonymous with sexuality. Nature, however, was not generous to everyone, and some people have thin or asymmetrical lips. Although there are many tricks to make this part of the face visually fuller (if interested, check them on this link), the truth always comes to light once you take off your makeup.

    Aesthetic medicine offers a more permanent solution in the form of fillers. These are substances that are introduced into the skin through injectables. It’s a minimally invasive and very successful technique. The most applied method in Brisbane clinics is the one with hyaluronic acid injections, which are much safer than silicone-based materials used before.

    What are Fillers?


    Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid is the basis of modern fillers. They are safe to use if qualified injectors perform this intervention. Hyaluronic acid is already in your body and hydrates the skin from within. Fillers based on this compound give the lips a natural volume. That, and the fact they are a much safer and less invasive method than plastic surgery, has made the application of these injectables very popular.

    There are different types of hyaluronic acid-based fillers. Although they all have more or less the same effect, you should know that they can have different outcomes on different patients. One type is suitable for getting full, pillowy lips. The second type is good for filling fine lines around the mouth, and so on. Along with the doctor, find the filler that suits you best.

    How Many Filler Do You Need?


    The fact is that full lips have become an absolute must-have. When you are ‘attacked’ with photos of celebrities with perfect lips from all sides, at some point you will want them too. Experts in the field of cosmetic surgery suggest stopping right there. Although every doctor will try to listen to your wishes, real professionals will give their suggestions on how your mouth should look like.

    Many patients take with them the image of the perfect lips they want on themselves. Yet, they often ignore the fact that perhaps such a shape or size won’t match their face shape, nose length, hairstyle, etc. Experienced and trustworthy doctors should point out these things so that every patient is satisfied with the result.

    ‘Less is more’ is a rule of thumb in the use of lip fillers. With minimal amounts (maximum one millilitre or one syringe) of hyaluronic acid, it’s possible to achieve the desired effect. It will boost enough collagen production in your lips to keep the volume up for six months, while still looking natural.

    Tips on Reducing Swelling


    Make sure you have some prior knowledge and that you have established good cooperation with the doctor. Experts will always answer your questions and try to solve your dilemmas. They will warn you that bruises and swelling may occur after applying the filler, but that mostly depends on how you care for your lips after the procedure.

    The fillers are injected with thin needles, which ‘hurt’ the soft tissue in the lips. It makes them look fuller instantly. But suppose bruises and swelling appear after the intervention. In that case, you probably wonder how long they will stay there and how to remove them as soon as possible.

    You should know that it’s not a big deal if the swelling lasts for a few days. That’s a normal reaction of the organism to the filler. As each patient is individual, it’s not possible to say precisely how long this tiny discomfort can last. But unless the swelling is the result of an infection, unprofessional injection, or allergy, it should go away in a week at most.

    You can help yourself by following some general aftercare tips. Doctors will advise you to avoid alcohol, analgesics, spicy and hot foods, and sun exposure, at least for a week before and after treatment. Also, during this period, avoid all activities that speed up blood and oxygen flow (gym, sauna, massage, swimming).

    Fillers Are Removable

    Some people might realize that lip enlargement is not their thing, after all. The good thing about these cosmetic injectables is that they can be easily removed from the body. If you aren’t thrilled with the results or you notice that new mouth size bothers you, your doctor can remove fillers by using eraser enzymes.

    For this intervention to be possible, there should be no infection or the appearance of granulomas (fibrous nodules) on your lips. If these happened, it’s a sign that the organism didn’t accept hyaluronic acid well. 

    As a self-defence mechanism, your body created fibrous lumps in lips. That also happens when you entrust yourself to someone working in unhygienic conditions or using poor quality injectables. Then surgical removal of the filler is necessary, and that’s a more traumatic method.


    Proper Injector Selection is Very Important


    Injection of lip fillers doesn’t cause complications and side effects if followed by the appropriate qualification and experience of the injector. That is why the right choice of doctor and clinic where you will perform this aesthetic intervention is a must. 

    As explained on, filler injection is a medical intervention. It means that only those who have a medical education should do this procedure. Also, they must meet certain standards in terms of working condition, hygiene, equipment, and so on.

    Not any beauty salon or tattoo studio in Brisbane can do lip augmentation, even if they charge you a low price. Since this is an intervention that changes your face, the quality of service, and the experience of the injector should be decisive factors in where to do this treatment.


    In order for the lips to look the way you want, it’s necessary to apply top-quality hyaluronic acid fillers. You also need the experience, skills and aesthetic experience of the doctor who performs the intervention. Preserving the natural look of your lips is of utmost importance, so you have to be moderate and realistic in your requirements.