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Things You Must Know Before Getting Lip Fillers | Cardiff Esthetician


    Getting lip fillers and other cosmetic face-lifts done is no longer a secret. Every third woman gets at least one procedure done at some point in her life. In fact, men too are turning to cosmetic surgery to look good as they age. After all, it is everyone’s right to look good. If you are considering getting lip fillers in Cardiff then you should know some things. Here is a breakdown from the invasive treatments to injectable. This should help you go in prepared and know what to expect.

    First a Question – “Why Lip Fillers”

    People want luscious lips because they do make your face look more attractive. Remember when Angelina Jolie’s lips were the talk of the world. So much that she literally became a sexual icon. Yes, while bringing a bit of attention to your lips is necessary you do not want the lip filling to be hyper. Keep it looking natural and not fake. Some experts say that filled lips make you look younger. However, they must balance your face, after all every face shape is different so the same kinds of lips would not fit on every face.

    Talk to Your Lip Filler Cardiff Esthetician

    Most people prefer going to doctors who specialize in cosmetic surgery, but today estheticians are equally competitive. They tend to give you even better results and personalized attention. Doctors on the other hand are usually too swamped and cannot always give you the special attention you may need. Every specialist has his or her own experience and suggestions. Therefore, experience counts, and their reputation reflects their capability to offer you the best. In Cardiff, Bellisimos Aesthetics is one example of such estheticians who have a record of amazing results. Their reviews speak for them. You can always book an appointment and consult with the experts there to get professional advice on the type of lip fillers to get for yourself.

    Prepare Physically and Thoughtfully

    Usually, first-timers do not put much thought into it. Neither do they go for lip fillers prepared. You need be realistic about how big you want your lips to look. Take some time to think long and hard, and know exactly what you want. Browse images of your favourite or inspiring celebrities with the type of lips you want. Imagine how you would look with them. This is the thoughtful aspect of preparing.

    Physical preparation would mean knowing you have to refrain from medicines like Vitamin E, Motrin, Aspirin, Aleve, Multivitamins, and Fish oil. You must stop taking these at least one week before your lip filler treatment. The reason is that they make the blood thinner and can cause post-injection bruising.

    The Picture will Not Cut It

    Whether you take the photo, you chose as an inspiration to the clinic or not, the truth is that the results will not be 100% exact. Why? Because you are you, your skin type, your facial details, and your looks will be different from the inspiration. Though the specialist will make sure it is as close to perfect, expect some variation from your ideal lips. Let the esthetician work on it to achieve the near-perfect lips you want. Remember, there is no such thing as “perfect.”

    Different Lip Filler Types, Different Results

    Collagen is outdated. Women used this at one time, but now dermal fillers (based on Hyaluronic acid) are a replacement for collagen. This alternative is proving better because they do not cause lumps and bumps. They tend to even out quickly, in fact almost immediately after the treatment. 

    So, which type of lip filler is best for you? Leave it to the specialist. Based on what is best for your lips to look amazing, the specialist will choose the right option. 

    The Picture Perfect Lips Do Not Come Cheap

    The cost of getting lip fillers in Cardiff can be overwhelming for those who do not ask for information first hand. However, remember, the best of anything does cost more. Why not spend a little more to get the best results with no risk of infections post-treatment. Most people seek cheaper places to go and then bear additional expenses fixing the problem. Some of the best aesthetic treatment centres like Bellisimos are famous for the cleanliness and high standards they maintain at every level. You would know you are safe from the moment you enter. 

    Fillers Are Not Forever

    Here is the honest truth. Depending on the lip fillers Cardiff experts would use for your treatment, they may last for six months to at most a year. They will fade out so take as many pictures as you can once you get your lips done. If you are wondering what you can do to prolong the fillers to keep the pretty lips, there is not much you can do. Let them fade out naturally. As your cells metabolize they will cause the fillers to break down over time. 

    Minimal After Care

    Once you have the treatment done, you can resume your normal routine. There is no serious aftercare requirement. The only thing you must avoid or even eliminate completely is the aspirin. You can take wine, but do not take alcohol so much, especially before the lip filler. There will be swelling for a day or two, in some cases; it may vanish after a few hours. 

    One major caution: do not sip with the straw after the treatment, and do not do this especially with hot beverages. You will be numb and can burn your mouth. 

    All the best with your experience with lip fillers by Cardiff estheticians.